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ECT is a friendly and open community, and one of the liveliest and most diverse places in the United Arab Emirates to live and study. ECT believes strongly that all students can fulfil their potential when their efforts are valued, shared and celebrated. One of our key aims is to foster intellectual curiosity, and involve students in a wide variety of co-curricular activities so that they become rounded human beings who can make a real contribution to society once they leave.

Studying at Emirates College of Technology offers an experience that goes way beyond the classroom. From day one we will help you build the real-world knowledge and transferable skills that employers look for in graduate recruits, assist you to unlock your potentials through providing you with a thriving academic community where you can learn from experts and give you an all-around experience that you will remember forever. And by the time you graduate, you will feel confident and fully prepared to start your career anywhere in the world.

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To be recognized as one of the leading private universities in the United Arab Emirates.

ECT provides top quality teaching, research, and community services to its stakeholders in line with international best practices that focus on a knowledge-based economy, investing in people and technology.

The Emirates College of Technology, private educational institution, believes in the pursuit of knowledge, values, and skills necessary for the preservation and improvement of the UAE’s society. ECT has faith in the dignity of the human person in the reward for individual excellence. Thus, ECT believes that the development of the individual as a person and student is an effective means in building a better family, community and nation, and a better world.

Since the foundation of the Emirates College of Technology in 1993, our leadership is an essential part of that effort, and they collaborate with students, faculty, staff, alumni, community members and others to create a new, better model of higher education that meets the needs of the United Arab Emirates’ knowledge-based economy.

The main commitment stems from the vision of the College of technology as one of the pioneers of high-quality education and applied scientific research. And the way to achieve that is community involvement and commitment to quality and continuous learning and belonging and pride in the Emirates identity

  1. Direction:

ECT communicates a clear and compelling vision of where the organization is headed, how to get there, and what it means for people. Takes a closer look at how frequently people in ECT establish and communicate a clear vision, translate this vision into a strategic plan and involve employees in the process. Key addressed management practices are: Strategic Clarity, Shared Vision, and Employee Involvement.

  1. Leadership:

ECT uses effective leadership styles to shape the actions of people in the organization to drive high performance. Takes a closer look at how frequently people in ECT feel they are supported, consulted on issues that affect them or at the same time challenged by the leaders. Key addressed management practice is: Consultative Leadership.

  1. Culture and Climate:

ECT cultivates a clear, consistent set of values and working norms that foster effective workplace behavior. Takes a closer look at how frequently ECT encourages honesty and transparency, fosters clear behavioral standards and supports innovation. Key addressed management practices are: Creative and Entrepreneurial, Open and Trusting, and Internally Competitive.

  1. Accountability:

ECT ensures individuals understand what is expected of them, have sufficient authority and feel accountable for delivering results. Makes sure employees understand what is expected of them, have clear roles and feel sufficient authority to make decisions. Key addressed management practices are: Consequence Management, Personal Ownership, Performance Contracts, and Role Clarity.

  1. Coordination and Control:

ECT consistently measures and manages business and risk, and acts to address problems when they arise. Provides systems and processes that give clear operational and financial metrics to monitor and manage performance. Key addressed management practices are:  Operational Management, Financial Management, and Professional Standards.

  1. Capabilities:

ECT ensures the institutional skills and talent are in place to execute the strategy and create competitive advantage. Hires great talents and offers them with formal training. ECT is embedding capabilities internally and leveraging external sources to fill capability gaps. Key addressed management practices are: Talent Development and Process-Based Capability.

  1. External Orientation:

ECT engages with important external stakeholders (customers, suppliers, partners, and others) to more effectively create and deliver value – both now and in the future. Takes a closer look at how ECT understands its customers and knows what the competitors are up to. Invests as well in building and maintaining a network of external partners. Key addressed management practices are: Customer Focus, Competitive Insights, Government and Community Relationships, and Business Partnerships.

  1. Innovation and Learning:

ECT encourages and harnesses new ideas, including everything from radical innovation to the incremental improvement, so ECT can effectively evolve and grow over time. Takes a closer look at how ECT leaders sponsor improvement initiatives, and ECT encourages and rewards employee participation in the development of new ideas as well. Encourages collaboration and enables knowledge sharing across the organization. Key addressed management practices are: Top-down Innovation, Bottom-up Innovation, and Knowledge Sharing.


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910, 2019

Renewal of Accreditation of the Bachelor of Mass Communication

October 9th, 2019|Comments Off on Renewal of Accreditation of the Bachelor of Mass Communication

Emirates College of Technology was pleased to host on 6 to 9 October 2019 an External Review Team for the renewal of accreditation of its Bachelor of Mass Communication program. The ERT has comprised of Prof. Hussein Yousry Amin, (Head), American University in Cairo Prof. Ezzat Hijjab (Member), Middle East University, Amman; Prof. Elsayed Bahnaci (Member), Modern University, Cairo; and, Prof. Abdulsalam Ghaith, (Commissioner) Academic Accreditation, UAE Ministry of Education, with the participation of Prof. Yousef Abdul Majeed (Commissioner) in the United Arab Emirates.

The Academic Committee holds a Meeting

The Academic Committee for the College of Media and Public Relations at the Emirates College of Technology held a meeting on Wednesday, October 2, 2019, concerning the upcoming Ministry visit for the re-accreditation of the Mass Communication Program. The meeting was chaired by the Provost Prof. Ghassan Al Qaimari, and attended by Dr. Mohammed Fyadh, Dean of the College of Media and Public Relations; Dr. Ali Khalifa, Director of IRQA; and the following committee members were also present at the meeting;

ECT Holds an Open Day

The Emirates College of Technology holds an open day on its campus in Abu Dhabi city on Tuesday, 17 September 2019. The ECT Open Day was held in the presence of the President of the College, Prof. Abdul-Rahim Sabouni to welcome prospective students, who are interested in joining its programs. The students are receiving the opportunity to meet with professors from different departments and ask them questions about the programs and related topics.

Emirates College of Technology Welcome ERT Visit

The Emirates College of Technology has welcomed the External Review Team on September 9 -12, 2019, for renewal of licensure. The External Review Team was chaired by Professor Ian Cumbus, Consultant Commissioner - Commission for Academic Accreditation, and membership of Dr. Lejla Vrazalic, HEI Consultant - Dubai, UAE; and the Commissioners - Prof. Stephen Arkle and Prof. Aly Nazmy (observer) -Commission for Academic Accreditation - Ministry of Education, UAE.

ECT President Meets with Faculty Staff

On Sunday 8th September, the entire Emirates College of Technology staff and faculty assembled to greet one another, catch up on the latest university news, new policies, and meet new members. The ECT Annual Meeting was presided by the President and CEO, Prof. Abdul Rahim Sabouni, who welcomed everyone back on campus and made university announcements. The president announced that E.C.T is launching several new programs in engineering and medicine that will provide students with the skill sets to succeed in the world of tomorrow and leverage the University’s global network of alumni and friends to prepare graduates for both immediate and long-lasting success.


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