Building creative, distinguished, and competitive media and communication competencies equipped with theoretical, professional and research knowledge, technical skills, ethical and professional values necessary to work in the different areas of the media in line with the global accreditation and quality standards.

Program Learning Outcomes

Deal with means of mass communication based on moral, social and professional grounds, and understand the work ethics and media codes of conduct.

  • Be able to criticize and analyze the contents of mass media.
  • Participate in dialogues and public debates about the role of mass media in society.

  • Master media writing arts in accordance with the characteristics of the means.

  • Participate in planning and conducting media campaigns in the development areas.

  • Apply the concepts and scientific skills in the field of advertising and public relations.

  • Participate in the organization of conferences, festivals, exhibitions, and public and private celebrations.

  • Participate in the production of media materials for public relations.

  • Participate in the implementation of public surveys and research

General requirements

PrerequisitesCredit HoursAcademic courseCourse code
3English LanguageENG 1001
ENG 1003English LanguageENG 1042
3Study SkillsENG 1033
3Communication Skills in ArabicGEN 1004
3Islamic CultureGEN 1025
3Man and EnvironmentGEN 104A6
3Natural SciencesGEN 106A7
3Introduction to IT skillsBIT 1008
3MathematicsMTH 1009
MTH 1003StatisticsMTH 203A10
3PsychologyGEN 201A11
ENG 1043Communication Skills in EnglishENG 20012
3Professional EthicsGEN 301A13
3SociologyGEN 303A14

Compulsory Courses

PrerequisitesCredit HoursAcademic courseCourse code
3Introduction to the Means of CommunicationMGN 1011
ENG 1003Arabic Language and MediaMGN1022
3Introduction to Public RelationsMGN 2013
3Introduction to PressMGN 2024
3Introduction to Radio and TelevisionMGN 2035
3Introduction to AdvertisingMGN 2046
MGN 2063Media Research MethodologiesMGN 2057
MGN 1013Contemporary Media TheoriesMGN 2068
3Media Legislation and EthicsMGN 2079
3Practical TrainingMGN 20810
MGN 2023Media in the Arab Gulf StatesMGN 20911

Elective Courses

PrerequisitesCredit HoursAcademic courseCourse code
3Media and Community IssuesMGN 2101
3International MediaMGN 3012
3Use of Computers and Internet in the MediaMGN 3023
3Introduction to Graphic DesignMGN 3034
3Arab and international CinemaMGN 3045
3Image CultureMGN 3056
3Arabic LiteratureMGN 3067
3Introduction to Fine ArtsMGN 3078
3World LiteratureMGN 4019
3Media and Information TechnologyMGN 40210
3Public Opinion and Political MarketingMGN 40311
3Organization of Conferences, Exhibitions and Special EventsMGN 40412
3MultimediaMGN 40513

Compulsory Courses

PrerequisitesCredit HoursAcademic courseCourse code
MGN 2013Production of Media Materials for Public RelationsPRD 3011
MGN 2013Public Relations ManagementPRD 3022
MGN 2043Creativity in AdvertisingPRD 3033
3Ceremonies and ProtocolPRD 3044
MGN 2083Practical training – extended to two semestersPRD 3085
PRD 3023Media Crisis ManagementPRD 4016
PRD 3023Advertising Campaign ManagementPRD 4027
MGN 2013Social MarketingPRD 4038
PRD 3083Graduation Project – extended to two semestersPRD 4079

Elective Courses (3 Courses – 9 Credits)

PrerequisitesCredit HoursAcademic courseCourse code
MGN 2013Online Public RelationsPRD 3051
MGN 2043Advertising StrategiesPRD 3062
MGN 2013International Public RelationsPRD 3073
MGN 2043Direct and Electronic AdvertisingPRD 4044
3Organizational CommunicationPRD 4055
MGN 2053Public Relations and Advertising ResearchPRD 4066

Throughout the bachelor’s programs, you will be able to have access to career guidance by our experienced teaching staff along with the Department of Student Affairs.

You will also be able to acquire a number of new valuable skills that will prepare you to go into business or to pursue your studies in leadership training programs or post-graduate programs.

  • Public Relations Officer
  • Protocol Officer
  • Public Relations Representative

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