Program TitleBachelor of Science in Health Care Management
Total Credit Hours needed for completion of the program
  • 132 Credit Hours
Award (S) Granted On Completion Of The ProgramBachelor of Science in Health Care Management 

The mission of the Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences in Healthcare Management is to provide students with a range of knowledge, skills and competencies that will prepare them to meet the requirements of the healthcare sector.

Professional Occupations For Which Graduates Are Prepared In The Program

Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries in the UAE, and the need for highly qualified people to lead and manage healthcare facilities and staff continues to increase.

The healthcare industry provides career opportunities for students who want to make a contribution to the health of individuals and communities. Health services managers plan, direct, and coordinate medical and health services.

This program will have a strong background in health sciences and will be able to apply the various methods and principles of management as related to the challenges faced in the health sector. Healthcare services management careers can be found in many health care settings, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Physician’s/therapist’s/practitioner’s offices
  • Clinics and other medical or mental health facilities
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Managed-care facilities
  • Health insurance companies
  • Government Ministries
  • International Healthcare Organizations
  • Educational Institutions
  • Industries related to Healthcare service Management functions

An undergraduate degree in Healthcare Services Management prepares students for entry-level positions and opportunities such as

  • Hospitals
  • Health Service Manager
  • Supervisor, Health Services
  • Manager of Comprehensive Care Management
  • Health Services Coordinators
  • Portfolio Health Operations Director
  • Community healthcare Coordinator
  • Hospice Operations Manager
  • Manager – Account Management
  • Clinical Services Manager
  • Clinical Administrative Coordinator
  • Health insurance Administrative Coordinator
  • Facility direction and marketing Coordinator
  • Management of Provider networks

A.2 Program Goals

  1. Acquire new knowledge and skills that allow for evaluation and review of healthcare delivery systems in the UAE.
  2. Equip students with the knowledge and skills required for developing wide health record systems
  3. Prepare students to apply legal principles, policies, regulations, and standards for the supervision of human resources in the healthcare delivery system in the UAE.
  4. Prepare students to develop their ability to apply the principles of leadership management in the healthcare field related to planning, organizing, staffing, influencing, and controlling.
  5. Prepare students to build and apply analytical and problem-solving techniques essential in the practices of healthcare service management.
  6. Prepare students to demonstrate interpersonal communication skills with healthcare professionals, clients and the public in the UAE society.

After completing this program, students should be able to:

A.3 Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand and demonstrate awareness, respect, and adaptability for socio‐cultural diversity in an ever‐changing healthcare and human services environment.
  2. Conduct financial management processes and organizational management skills to effectively problem-solve management-level related issues at various levels within healthcare operations.
  3. Understand and demonstrate the competence necessary to apply management-level functions, concepts, and principles within the healthcare industry in the UAE.
  4. Utilize various health information technologies to access and manage information in healthcare settings and organizations in the UAE.
  5. Differentiate and evaluate theories and approaches to complex management-level problems in various healthcare organizations in the UAE.
  6. Demonstrate management skills required in today’s workplaces and interpersonal communication skills into daily practice with internal and external stakeholders
  7. Analyze and interpret quantitative and qualitative factors involved in the management of healthcare delivery and outcomes
  8. Recognize and analyze the impact of and interaction among public policy issues and healthcare and human health services in the UAE.
  9. Evaluate and develop organizational data to plan strategically effective outcomes and tactical and operational issues in the management of healthcare in the UAE.

Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management(HCM)–STUDY PALN

Semester ICr/HPre-RequisiteSemester IICr/HPre-Requisite
ENG 100English I3BUS 100Introduction to management3
MTH100College Mathematics3ENG 104English II3ENG 100
BMD 200Medical Terminology3GEN 201General Psychology/Sociology3Concomitant ENG 104
BIT 100Introduction to Information
Technology Skills
2HCM 121Intro to Healthcare Policy in UAE3BIT 100
GEN 102Islamic Culture3GEN 302Fundamentals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship3Concomitant ENG 104
GEN 306Human Biology3ACC106Accounting Principles3MTH 100
HRM 201Introduction to Human
Resource Management
3BUS 100BMD 205Pathophysiology3GEN 306
ENG 205Health Communication Skills3ENG 104BMD 203Biostatistics for Health Sciences3MTH 100
HSC 201Healthcare Economics3BIT 100


MTH 103

AHS 221Introduction to Public Health3GEN 306 ENG 104

Concomitant BMD205

BUS203Organizational Behavior3BUS 100 ENG 104BMD 307Epidemiology3BMD 203 or Concomitant
AHS 393Scientific Research Methods2AHS 222 3BUS203
BAF 301Introduction to Financial
3ACC106AHS 291Ethics in applied medical careers2ENG 205
BUS305Business Law3BUS203, ASH 291HCM 322Marketing in Healthcare3BUS 100
INFO 311Introduction to Health Informatics3BIT 100 , BUS 100, GEN 306BUS 311Cross cultural management3BUS305
HIM306Health Data Concepts3BIT 100 , BUS 100HCM 310 Electronic Health Records3HCM 311, INFO 311
HCM 311Intro to Medical Coding3BMD 205HCM 321Healthcare Operations Management3AHS 222, INFO 311
Free Elective (proposed)3BIT 100HCM 403Quality Management in Healthcare3AHS 222 INFO 311
HIM 407Health Promotion and
Disease Prevention
HCM 410Information Governance for Health Professionals3HCM312 HCM403HCM 425Graduation Project in HCM 23HCM415
HCM 411Strategic Management in Healthcare3BIT 305, HCM 321, HCM 403HCM 430Internship in Healthcare Establishment3Completing 99 CH
HCM 423Medical Insurance System3HCM 310
HCM 415Graduation Project in HCM I3Completing 99 CH
Total Credit Hours = 120

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