Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Management (2010) Univ.Sfax, Tunisia
M.A. in Management (2002) Univ.Sfax, Tunisia
B.A. in Management (1999) Univ.Sfax, Tunisia

Ali Haj Khalifa is an Assistant Professor at Emirates College of Technology’s College of Business. He holds degrees from the University of Sfax in Tunisia. Dr. Khalifa’s research appears in leading journals in the field including International Business Review. He worked as Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Emirates College of Technology, UAE (2013).

He also held administrative positions including Director of Institutional Research and Quality Assurance, Emirates College of Technology, Abu Dhabi, UAE (2017), and Head of Management Department, Emirates College of Technology, Abu Dhabi, UAE (2017). He is also involved in student research and has participated in Theses and Oral Examination Committees for Masters and Ph.D. students. Prior to coming to the UAE, he taught at the University of Sfax in Tunisia for years.


Abu Dhabi – Emirates College, E1100

Phone: +971 2 6266010
Email: [email protected]
Research, Conference and Professional Activities:

His main research interest is focused broadly on quality management, entrepreneurship, consumer behavior, service marketing, and digital marketing