Representatives from the Ministry of Education (MOE) visited the Emirates College of Technology (ECT) on March 24 -27, 2019. The visiting team explained the motivation behind the MOE visit to ECT on renewal of accreditation of a Diploma in Human Resources Management.

The External Review Team was chaired by Prof. Duncan Lewis, Professor of Management, Plymouth University, Plymouth, UK; and membership of Prof. Roger Weikle, Dean of College of Business Administration, Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC, USA; and the Commissioner – Prof. Stephen Arkle – Commission for Academic Accreditation, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The ER team also had an insightful engagement with ECT senior management on a variety of topics such as academic services, curriculum content, context, scope & alignment, modes of delivery, project phases & timelines.

The ERT has interviewed with those responsible for Quality Assurance; Student Services; Academic Research; IT; Libraries; Finance and Administrative Affairs Human Resource; Admission and Registration; and Community Outreach.

In the exit meeting, there was an overview of the findings of the ERT; and a fruitful discussion was made between senior management of ECT and the ERT on various academic issues. During this exit meeting, the Commissioner presented an overview of the next steps for the College as part of the accreditation process. And Finally, A brief final remarks were presented by ECT senior officers.


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