Located at the heart of the rapidly evolving Abu Dhabi city, the Emirates College of Technology was established in 1993 following recognition by the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education. Established to keep up with the technical and business developments of contemporary life, today, Emirates College of Technology has established itself as one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions in the region.

In addition to offering Diploma programs in a wide array of specialties, Emirates College of Technology is proud to offer Bachelor degree programs in Business Administration, Financial Sciences and Mass Communication (in Arabic) in addition to Health Information Management and Industrial Management. Emirates College of Technology prepares students to encompass knowledge that will help them to meet the challenges of changing advancements in the local and international markets. The Institute is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, United Arab Emirates. Emirates College of Technology takes pride in its faculty who come from 16 different countries across the globe and is recognized for significant contributions to the development of knowledge, professional service, teaching, and mentoring.

At the Emirates College of Technology, we know that a student’s involvement outside the classroom is an essential part of the college experience. Our students enjoy a vibrant campus community, where they build life-long friendships and indulge in various social, cultural and sporting events that help them develop into professionals with well-rounded personalities.

From another perspective, the offered programs and future ones provide a good chance for students who would prefer studying in the country than to go abroad. Emirates College of Technology has also made it possible for its graduates to continue their higher studies in Bachelor programs in the college or at local, Arab and Western Universities; in Canada, the USA and other countries as well. With a high-quality curriculum, outstanding faculty and top-notch infrastructure and facilities, we welcome students to dream, to share their unique gifts and talents, and to take pride in knowing they are part of a rich tradition.

To be recognized as one of the leading private universities in the United Arab Emirates.

ECT provides top quality teaching, research, and community services to its stakeholders in line with international best practices that focus on a knowledge-based economy, investing in people and technology.

ECT Corporate Strategy 2017-2022

1.1 Expand academic and vocational programs offerings by initiating programs in new fields.

1.2 Create a flexible organizational structure that facilitates meeting the College’s Vision and Mission.

1.3 Build and maintain physical facilities that support the College’s growth strategies.

1.4 Acquire the title of “University” during the life of the Strategic Plan.

2.1 Create and maintain an academic environment that ensures excellence in teaching and learning.

2.2 Develop and effectively use a technology infrastructure to advance students’ access to learning.

2.3 Attain and maintain academic accreditation from both national and international accreditation bodies.

2.4 Develop College’s research capabilities by investment in research resources & academic partnerships.

3.1 Build a strengthen fruitful strategic partnerships and community engagements with business communities, professional organizations and other constituencies.

3.2 Develop and implement a comprehensive business growth strategy that ensures the advancement of the college.

4.1 Create a service-oriented institution by achieving effectiveness and efficiency in all academic and non-academic operations.

4.2 Achieve a sustainable financial situation that sustains institutional excellence and allows the pursuit of growth strategies.

4.3 Build a talent-focused organization through innovative people management strategies.