1.1 Expand academic and vocational programs offerings by initiating programs in new fields.

1.2 Create a flexible organizational structure that facilitates meeting the College’s Vision and Mission.

1.3 Build and maintain physical facilities that support the College’s growth strategies.

1.4 Acquire the title of “University” during the life of the Strategic Plan.

2.1 Create and maintain an academic environment that ensures excellence in teaching and learning.

2.2 Develop and effectively use a technology infrastructure to advance students’ access to learning.

2.3 Attain and maintain academic accreditation from both national and international accreditation bodies.

2.4 Develop College’s research capabilities by investment in research resources & academic partnerships.

3.1 Build and strengthen fruitful strategic partnerships and community engagements with business communities, professional organizations and other constituencies.

3.2 Develop and implement a comprehensive business growth strategy that ensures the advancement of the college.

4.1 Create a service-oriented institution by achieving effectiveness and efficiency in all academic and nonacademic operations.

4.2 Achieve a sustainable financial situation that sustains institutional excellence and allows the pursuit of growth strategies.

4.3 Build a talent-focused organization through innovative people management strategies.