President’s Message

Dear Students,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to join the family of Emirates College of Technology. We, at ECT, are determined to encourage the faculty members to adopt multimedia learning and teaching methods, particularly in the field of e-learning and integrated teaching for critical thinking and creative development, and developing the ability to solve problems and make decisions through adopting new age and future. The college will prepare students for future careers through integrating the culture of leadership and entrepreneurship in the College curricula in various disciplines, in a market where there are rapidly growing opportunities for creativity and leadership.

Dear students; the College was founded in 1993, which makes it one of the oldest private higher education institutions obtained the academic accreditation for its programs in the U.A.E. Since its founding, the College has distinctive academic programs on both the levels of Bachelor and Diploma which are carefully designed and selected to meet the needs of the labour market in parallel with the conform to professional and academic developments accelerated to achieve the College’s mission “We Prepare for Future Careers.” In fact, more than 8000 students graduated from the College and enter the job market and achieved successful professions and significant community contributions, some of which can be found by visiting the alumni page at College website.

We, at ECT, are developing scientific research capabilities of local and regional challenges and giving a high priority to providing an adequate environment that encourages creative world-level research activities. The College also promotes applied research oriented towards innovation and knowledge development and entrepreneurial scientific procedures. The Administrative Board will remain at the top of importance and will receive full support to build its capacity and develop the skills to achieve better administrative practices through continuous training and qualification, workshops and training courses for human resources development and the College vision and mission achievement.

The College is experiencing significant developments in this year 2019, which will be a great turning point in the future of your college, including a transition to a modern campus which is equipped with latest laboratories and teaching aids and preparing for the adoption of new programs in the fields of advanced science that meets the needs of the labor market in the UAE and contributing along with other private universities in the state in building the scientific and economic renaissance. The College is located in the heart of the rapidly evolving Abu Dhabi city and offers high quality academic and educational services in the fields of Business, Management, Health Sciences, and Media and Public Relations, In addition to a number of new programs that are subject to approval and will be released later in the fields of engineering and health sciences.

Dear students, at Emirates College of Technology, we prepare you for future careers that offer you the opportunity to achieve your ambitions to find suitable work or improve performance in your work. I personally welcome you to visit our new campus in the heart of the capital in Abu Dhabi to come up close and see with your own eyes what distinguishes Emirates College of Technology and makes it the most appropriate place to build your future.

Prof. Abdul Rahim Sabouni

President of Emirates College of Technology