The Strategic Partnerships unit

At the Emirates College of Technology, We firmly believe that the role of academic institutions doesn’t end with simply providing students with the education, but rather establishing a dynamic, reciprocal, and helpful relationship with the society. The Strategic Partnerships Unit at our university was specially established in 2015 to be the vital link between us with the public and private sectors in the UAE.

The Unit is so keen to build and maintain meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships across all social and economic sectors; being one of the oldest private higher education institutions in UAE, we have a long experience, accumulative research-based knowledge, and most importantly a wealth of local human capital of multiple talents who are ready to join the economic sectors each year.

Education outcomes is an important subject that we pay a lot of attention to in order to make sure that our graduates will have the necessary knowledge, and skills that would make them sought-after job candidates by future employers. We carefully listen to our partners about the nature of their professional domains and required know-how and skills to better plan and deliver our learning and development programs.

The Emirates College of Technology Value Proposition

  • Emirates College of Technology has been a place where big ideas meet real-market needs since its foundation in 1993.
  • Our students come from more than 30 countries.
  • We offer more than 19 undergraduate programs of study, including Diploma and Bachelor’s degrees.
  • More than 250 faculty and staff, many of whom have been recognized nationally and internationally for their scholarship, creativity, and support of students.

Partnership Features

There are many ways and means we consider when building partnerships, we make sure to present real value to our partners as an indicator of doing our job right. A partnership can feature, and not limited to the below:

  • Internships: A great way to give our students a real-life experience of a workplace that will make them more successful employees later on.
  • Business Research: ECT has top-tier academics, researchers, and scholars who are always enriching the R&D in the region and beyond. We present to our partners cutting-edge, research-based solutions to most complex business problems of today’s world.
  • Human Capital and Employment you will have an accesses to a network of 3000 critical thinkers and creative problem solvers who are ready to bring a new perspective to whatever issue you would present.
  • The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center: Human Capital is an essential and crucial element for any organization. We pride our selves to be the hub of talented and creative human resources who are ready to join the workforce each year to add value to your organization.
  • Counseling we will support you to stay nimble to cope with up to date innovations and technology changes.
  • Continuous Learning and Development ECT is a top provider of learning and development solutions to your employees, where we offer them business oriented professional development pathways to meet your business specific needs.

Emirates College of Technology, teams with businesses, schools, and organizations to help make our country a better place to live and work. Some of our current partners include the following: