The Academic Board at the Emirates College of Technology held a meeting on Monday, October 21, 2019. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Abdul-Rahim Sabouni, (College President), and attended by Prof. Ghassan Al-Qaimari (Provost), Dr. Wesam Alanqar (VP for Strategy and Business Development), Dr. Ali Khalifa, (Director of IRQA); Prof. Abdul Rahim Abu Jayyab (Dean, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences); Dr. Mohamed Dhiaf (Dean, Faculty of Business Administration); Prof. Bilal Akash (Dean, Faculty of Engineering); Prof. Suzan Elkalliny (Dean, Faculty of Media and Public Relations); Dr. Mohamed Fyadh; Dr. Feras Shatat; Dr. Bilel El Ayeb (Head of ECT Research Unit); Dr. Kashef Alshaban (Head of Health Management Department); Dr. Ajayeb Abu Da’abes (Head of Management Department); Dr. Walaa Saber Mahmoud (Head of Business and Information Technology Department); Dr. Mohamed Chakib Kolsi (Head of Accounting and Finance Department); Dr. Mohammad Alkilani (Head of Human Resource Management Department); Dr. Amgad Abdalaziz (Head of Media-Journalism, TV, and Radio- Department); Dr. Amor Ben Amor (Head of Public Relations and Advertising Department); Dr. Djamel Bellout ( Head of General Education and Foundation Department); Mr. Zuhair Dalal (Head of ECT Course Portfolio Audit Unit).

At the beginning of the meeting, Prof. Abdul-Rahim Sabouni expressed his thanks to the members of the academic board who left their administrative positions, and also welcomed the new members who joined the Board, wishing them success in fulfilling their academic and administrative responsibilities. The new members who joined ECT are: Prof. Bilal Akash (Dean, Faculty of Engineering); Prof. Suzan ElKalliny (Dean, Faculty of Media and Public Relations); Dr. Djamel Bellout (Head of General Education and Foundation Department); Dr. Mohammad Al Kilani ( Head of Human Resources Management Department).

The specifics of this academic board meeting were on key institutional and academic matters, including developmental plans in various academic disciplines and means of continuous development.

At the end of this meeting, Prof. Abdul-Rahim Sabouni thanked all academic leadership members for the hard work and commitment to maintaining the highest level of quality in all ECT operations.

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