Program TitleBachelor of Applied Health Sciences in Health Information Management
Total Credit Hours needed for completion of the program 132 Credit Hours
Award (S) Granted On Completion Of The ProgramBachelor of Applied Health Sciences in Health Information Management

In Support of the country’s vision For developing the medical sector, ECT is offering Applied Health Sciences Bachelor’s Degree program.

The mission of the Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences is to provide students with a range of knowledge, skills, and competencies that will prepare them to meet the requirements of the health care sector.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the core concepts in health environment & society.
  • Acquire the knowledge & skills to make ethical decisions based on an understanding of societal values.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge in the biomedical sciences required to manage healthcare sector.
  • Apply general principles of Management & Economics in the administration of healthcare services.
  • Employ IT skills and tools to effectively manage healthcare operations.
  • Implement and manage applications and processes for clinical classification and coding.
  • Effectively manage the health data and documentation in line with quality management principles.
  • Manage healthcare processes in accordance with the UAE’s healthcare delivery systems.
  • Develop, evaluate and select applications and processes of reimbursement systems in healthcare delivery.

Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences – Major in Health Information Management (HIM)

Semester ICr/HPre-RequisiteSemester IICr/HPre-Requisite
ENG 100English I3BUS 100Introduction to Management3
MTH100College Mathematics3ENG 104English II3ENG 100
BMD 200Medical Terminology3GEN 201General Psychology3ENG 100
BIT 100Introduction to Information Technology Skills3BMD 201Human Anatomy and Physiology I3GEN 306

BMD 200

GEN 102Islamic Culture3MTH 103Business Calculus3MTH 100
GEN 306Human Biology3ACC 106Accounting3MTH 100
HRM 201Introduction to Human Resource Management3BUS 100BMD 205Pathophysiology3BMD 202
ENG 205Health Communication Skills3ENG 104BMD 203Biostatistics for Health Sciences3MTH 100

MTH 103

HSC 201Introduction to Health Information Management3BIT 100


BIT 413Data Communication and Networking3BIT 100


GEN 302Fundamental of Innovation3BAF 301Introduction to Financial Management3ACC106
BMD 202Human Anatomy and Physiology II3BMD 201BIT 305Database Management System3BIT 100

HSC 201

ECO 203Introduction to Economy3HSC 202Healthcare Institutions Management3BUS 100

HSC 201

HIM 305Management of Health Information Systems3HSC 201HIM 302Medical Coding I3BMD 205

BMD 207

BMD 207Pharmacology3BMD 205HSC 203Healthcare Economics3ECO 203
BUS 309Operations Management3BMD203/BUS100/HSC 201HIM 407Health Promotion and Prevention3HIM 206

BMD 205

HIM 206Human Health and Disease3BMD 205HIM 306Health Data Concepts3HSC 201

HIM 305

GEN 303Sociology3ENG 100BIT 430Information Security3BIT305/BIT 413/

HSC 201

GEN 308Legal and Ethical Aspects in Health Sciences3ENG 205
HIM 415Graduation Project in HIM3HIM 415Graduation Project in HIM3Complete 99 Cr/H
HIM 303Medical Coding II3HIM 302HIM 401Reimbursement and Revenue Cycle Management3HIM 303/ECO 203/BAF 301
BUS 413Leadership3BUS 100

HSC 202

HIM 419Internship in Healthcare Establishment3Complete 99 Cr/H
HIM 404Health Care Delivery Systems3HSC 202

HIM 305

HIM 403Quality Management in Healthcare3HIM 306/BMD 203/BUS 309
BMD 307Epidemiology3BMD 203
Total Credit Hours = 132
Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences-

Major in Health Information Management (HIM)

(Fall 2019/2020)

General Requirements (33)

Course CodeCourse TitlePrerequisite  Credit Hours
ENG 100English I3
ENG 104English IIENG 1003
GEN 102Islamic Culture3
MTH 100College Mathematics3
ENG205Health Communication SkillsENG 1043
GEN 306Human Biology3
GEN 201General PsychologyENG 1003
GEN 303SociologyENG 1003
GEN 302Fundamentals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship3
BIT 100Introduction to Information Technology Skills3
GEN 308Legal and Ethical Aspects in Health SciencesENG 2053

Core Requirements (42)

Course CodeCourse TitlePrerequisite  Credit Hours
BUS 100Introduction to Management3
HRM 201Introduction to Human Resource ManagementBUS 1003
BAF 301Introduction to Financial ManagementACC1063
HSC201Introduction to Health Information ManagementBIT 100,  BUS 1003
BIT 305Database Management SystemBIT 100, HSC2013
HSC 202Healthcare Institutions ManagementBUS 100, HSC2013
BIT 413Data Communication and NetworkingBIT 100, HSC2013
ECO 203Introduction to Economics3
BIT 430Information SecurityBIT 305, BIT 413, HSC2013
HSC 203Healthcare economicsECO 2033
BUS 413LeadershipBUS 100, HSC 2023
BUS 309Operations ManagementBUS100, BMD 203, HSC2013
ACC106AccountingMTH 1003
MTH 103Business calculusMTH 1003


Biomedical courses Requirements (21)

Course CodeCourse TitlePrerequisite  Credit Hours


BMD 200Medical Terminology3
BMD 201Human Anatomy and physiology IGEN 306, BMD 2003
BMD 202Human Anatomy and physiology IIBMD 2013
BMD 207PharmacologyBMD 2053
BMD 205PathophysiologyBMD 2023
BMD 203Biostatistics for Health SciencesMTH 100, MTH 1033
BMD 307EpidemiologyBMD 2033


Major HIM Requirements (36)

Course CodeCourse TitlePrerequisite  Credit Hours


HIM 302Medical Coding IBMD 205, BMD 2073
HIM 303Medical Coding IIHIM 3023
HIM 305Management of Health Information SystemsHSC 2013
HIM 401Reimbursement and Revenue Cycle ManagementHIM 303, ECO 203, BAF 3013
HIM 403Quality Management in Health CareHIM306, BMD 203, BUS 3093
HIM 306Health Data ConceptsHSC 201, HIM 3053
HIM 404Healthcare Delivery SystemsHSC 202, HIM 3053
HIM 419Internship in Healthcare EstablishmentCompleting 99 CH3
HIM 415Graduation Project in HIM (6 credit hours)Completing 99 CH6
HIM 407Health Promotion and Disease PreventionHIM 206, BMD 2053
HIM 206Human Health and DiseaseBMD 2053


Total 132 Credit Hours



Employability Scope

Throughout your Bachelor Degree Programs, you will receive career guidance from our expert staff and Students Affairs Dept. You will gain valuable new skills which prepare you for work, graduate entry into management training programmes, or further study.

Professional Occupations

Professional occupations for which graduates are prepared in the program:

  • Health Information Manager
  • HIM Supervisor
  • Registered Health Information Administrator
  • Health Insurance Manager
  • Coding Specialist
  • Medical Coder

Bachelor Degree in General Requirements

Students applying for admission to all ECT academic programs must be graduates with a UAE Secondary School Certificate, or it’s equivalent, as stated in the admission requirements set in the Ministerial Decrees No. 200/year 2004 and No 133/year 2005.

A) Secondary School Certificate: A certified UAE general secondary school certificate, with a minimum score of 60% or its equivalent is required for admission, according to the regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. However, students with scores of less than 60% can study in the Foundation program and should pass 5 courses namely, Arabic Language, IT, Mathematics, Study Skills, and English Communication, along with a TOEFL score of 500 or equivalent before they study academic courses. Students with Industrial, Applied Technology, Commercial, and Agricultural Secondary School Certificates and with a minimum score of 65% can be admitted to ECT programs that are closely related to their fields of study and have to fulfill all other admission requirements. However, students with these certificates and with scores less than 65% can be admitted in the Foundation Program.

B) Proficiency in English: An adequate level of English language proficiency is required for admission. Applicants are required to present one of the following certificates of proficiency:

  • For English programs: (Diploma & Bachelor)
    1. Valid certified TOEFL results equivalent to 500 (173CBT, a 61 iBT) or above
    2. Valid certified IELTS results band 5.0
    3. Valid certified PTE A score of (36-41) is equivalent to an IELTS score of 5.0, and a PTE A score of (44) is equivalent to TOEFL 500 (173CBT, a 61 iBT). Otherwise, they may undertake a course of remedial or intensive English but must achieve the required score before they can proceed into their academic programs.
  • For the Arabic program “Mass Communication and Public Relations,” students should submit a TOEFL certificate with a score of 450 or equivalent. A student with a score of 400 can study the first year program but needs to obtain a 450 score before proceeding to the second year.
  • For Foundation Certificate Program Students who are admitted in the Foundation Program at ECT and wish to pursue their higher education also at ECT and have successfully completed the requirements of the (FP) should meet the English proficiency requirement.
  • Students who can’t provide proof of English proficiency upon admission will be required to undertake a course of remedial or intensive English provided by the ECT

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