Faculty Business
Department Business Information Technology
Program Title /concentration (If any) Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Information Technology
Total Credit Hours needed for completion of the program 126 Credit Hours
Award (S) Granted On Completion Of The Program Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Information Technology

Program Mission

The mission of the BBA in BIT is to provide students with sound foundation in information technology (IT) principles and practice. The emphasis is on applications of information technology rather than the computer itself. Students earning a BBA major in Business Information Technology understand web and application development in the context of the business environment. Graduates have capabilities in systems analysis and design, database management, and IT project management. The program of study includes general business courses, and business topics are integrated into many Information System courses.

Programs goals

  • Provide the student with the knowledge and skills needed to assume a leadership role in the advancement of the IT business management profession.
  • Promote within the student the appreciation of the concept of life-long learning that help them to keep informed of new concepts and developments, in the techniques and tools of IT in Business.
  • Help the student acquire the theoretical knowledge, applicable skills, and the attitude necessary to use business-related technology under appropriate circumstances.
  • Instill within the student the desire and appreciation of working with diverse groups of colleagues to identify business problems and then develop unified productive solutions.

Core Program learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate proficiency in the fundamental business principles and practices that enables firms to operate in both domestic and global environments.
  • Understand human behavior in organizations, including the ability to lead and work in a team setting.
  • Demonstrate the ability to analyze complex, unstructured qualitative and quantitative business problems, using appropriate tools and technology.
  • Employ critical thinking and analytical skills to solve business problems in a real-world context and make effective business decisions.
  • Develop a business model with a sustainable competitive advantage and an appropriate strategic plan.
  • Conduct basic research using scholarly sources to acquire new knowledge in the business domain.

Major Program learning outcomes

  • Apply the emerging technologies to the business environment.
  • Utilize information technology skills & tools to support decision making in business.
  • Understand and use basic information technology tools & techniques to build business information systems.
  • Solve business problems and enhance productivity using information technology tools and techniques in the proper way.
  • Use knowledge of information systems to formulate, solve, and discuss business problems that require analysis.
  • Understand and apply the fundamental knowledge and skills required to manage E- business systems and their environment.
  • Assess different business Intelligence models and select the appropriate one in a certain situation.

Accredited from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs

Bachelor of Business Administration Concentration in Information Technology (2018/2019)- Study Plan

Semester 1 CH Semester 2 CH
ENG 100 English I 3 GEN 102 Islamic Culture 3
MTH 100 College Mathematics 3 ENG 104 English II 3
GEN 104 Man & Environment 3 ENG 103 Study Skills 3
BIT 100 Introduction to Information Technology Skills 3 ACC 106 Accounting Principles I 3
BUS 100 Introduction to Management 3 BUS 201 Microeconomics 3
BIT 203 Management Information Systems 3
Total 15 Total 18
ACC 200 Accounting Principle II 3 BUS 306 Quantitative Business Analysis 3
ENG 200 Business Communications 3 GEN 201 General Psychology 3
MKT 200 Introduction to Marketing 3 BUS 301 Macroeconomics 3
MTH  203 Business Statistics 3 HRM201 Introduction to Human Resource Management 3
BIT 201 Introduction to Computer  Programing 3 BIT 207 Introduction to web development 3
BUS 203 Organizational Behavior 3 BIT 205 Object Oriented Programming 3
Total 18   Total 18
GEN 302 ,,,  Fundamentals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3 BUS 409 Strategic Management 3
BUS 302 E-Business 3 BIT 407 Object oriented system analysis and design 3
BUS 309 Operations Management 3 BIT 413 Data communication and networking 3
BIT 305 Database Management Systems 3 BIT 422 Advanced Database Management Systems 3
BUS307 Research Method 3 GEN 301 Professional Ethics 3
BAF 301 Introduction to Financial Management 3  
Total 18 Total 15
Major Elective 3 BIT 405 Business intelligence 3
BIT 430 Information Security 3 BUS 417  International Business Management 3
BIT 417 Advanced Web Development 3 BIT 415 Graduation Project 3
Free Elective 3 Major Elective 3
Total 12 Total 12

Employability Scope

Throughout your Bachelor Degree Programs, you will receive career guidance from our expert staff and Students Affairs Dept. You will gain valuable new skills which prepare you for work, graduate entry into management training programs, or further study.

Professional Occupations

Professional occupations for which graduates are prepared in the program:

  • Application Developer
  • Application Support
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Manager
  • Client Services Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Database Analyst
  • Information Resource Manager
  • IT Consultant
  • Programmer/Analyst
High School type Acceptance Average Subject score @ HS Foundation
General Track Direct 60% No
Advanced Track Direct 60% No
ADEC Track Direct 60% No
Industrial Technical Commercial Direct 65% No
British System GCSE/IGCSE (O-Level, As & A Levels) Direct 5 Subjects O-Level with a grade C or above including math, physics/biology and chemistry, Plus 2 Subjects AS Level with a grade of C or above, in mathematics plus biology/physics/chemistry. No
Indian Board Pakistani Board American H.S. International High School General Direct 60% No
Advanced Direct 60% No
IB Diploma Direct 24 points or above including 6 Subjects with a minimum of 2 at Higher Level including mathematics No