Absence limit is 30 % of the total hours for each course. If a student exceeds this percentage the course will be enforced withdrawn, consequently, the student will never be allowed to attend the course again. He will also be deprived of the final exam and his/her mark will be shown as (EW)

All excuses, including the medical ones, will be counted within 30%. In other words, his/her absence will never be removed.

Having a medical excuse will enable you to have the exams you lost, or even to present a project after the limited time.

The course will be enforced withdrawn if the absence exceeds 30%; consequently, the student will not be allowed to attend lectures. Taking into consideration that, Students’ affairs department usually sends three warnings, before withdrawing the course as follows:

  • First warning when absence reaches 10 %
  • Second warning when absence reaches 20 %
  • Third/final warning, when absence reaches 30 %

The student will be informed of these warnings by SMS, and they will be displayed on the notice board.

Withdrawing the course means that you have to repeat the course, in such a case the (EW) will be shown next to the course. This means that the student has to pay the course fees again, in addition to Delay in program completion.

If the student comes to the lecture after ten minutes from the beginning of the lecture, he/she will be considered late. If this is repeated twice it will be considered a complete day of absence.