Admission tuition and fees 2019/2020

Faculty AED Per Credit Hour
Faculty of Business Administration 1200
Faculty of Media 1250
Faculty of Applied Health Sciences 1300
General Education 1000
Faculty of Engineering 1750
Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences  1500

Other fees are as follows:

Admission 500 AED one time
Registration 500 AED / Semester
Books and Study Materials 300 AED / Course
Internet 300 AED / Semester
Activities 350 AED / Semester
Lab 600 AED / Course if applicable
Studio / Lab 150 AED / Semester if applicable
Diploma Certificate Fee 200 AED one time
Bachelor Certificate Fee 200 AED one time
Graduation Fees 500 AED one time

English as a Second Language for programs taught in English: 5000 AED for each levels (Excluding the Exams)

ECT reserves the right to increase the tuition and fees at the beginning of each academic year