Advisory Board for the College of Media and Mass Communication holds its Third Meeting

The Advisory Board for the College of Media and Mass Communication at the Emirates College of Technology holds its third meeting on Thursday, June 27, 2019 under the patronage of Prof. Abdul Rahim Sabouni, the President and CEO, along with Prof. Ghassan Al Qaimari, the PROVOST – CAO, Dr. Mohammed Fyadh, the Dean of the College of Media and Mass Communication, and a number of faculty members.

Members of the Advisory board who attended the meeting are; Dr. Sharief Al Bassel – Editor-in-chief of the Al-Fajr newspaper, Dr. Abbas Sadaq – Planner-in Chief in Abu Dhabi TV, Mr. Ali Nasser – Director of Emirates Association for Public Relations, Mr. Adib Saeed, Executive Director for Arab Photographer Association, Mrs. Lahib Abdul Khalek – Journalist and Political Writer, Mr. Jasem Obaid – TV and Media Director, Dr. Amel Melhim – Journalist, Dr. Amjad Abdul Qadar – Head of Media Department, Dr. Amor ben Amor – Head of Public Relations, and Dr. Maeen Salah – Board Secretary/ Rapporteur.

Agenda items include: reports from board committees, recent improvement plans, revisions of course syllabi and improvements presented by Heads of Media and Public Relations Departments, technical revisions made to policies and rules, students’ employment and recruitment opportunities in relevant media institutions, students engagement and participation in Media Industry, media research leadership and initiatives at ECT, and visit to new campus facilities.

Finally, proposals for future development were discussed; in addition to the suggested media plans and programs in the leading media and available opportunities in different media institutions.

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Mr. Jasem Obaid – TV and Media Director