System Administrator 

B.A. in Computer Applications (2000) Baha ul din Zakria University Multan. Multan
D.C.A. in Computer Applications (2004) Baha ul din Zakria University Multan. Multan

Mr. Farrukh Khan is currently a System Administrator in the Department of IT at Emirates College of Technology. He has extensive experience in administering windows server networks, domains, roles and services, troubleshooting and maintenance, DNS and DHCP, implementing, managing and monitoring network devices, working on cloud solutions on Microsoft Azure platform, monitoring virtual machine and virtual network on Microsoft Azure, develop solutions to customer problems using the best technologies available, both in the U.A.E. and abroad. His research interests include Information Technology Architect, Information Technology (IT) Trainer, Information Technology Specialist, Information Technology (IT) Manager, Information Technology (IT) Supervisor, and Information Technology (IT) Director

Mr. Khan has worked in several places building his experience in the field of IT. In UAE, he has worked as System Administrator for years. In Abu Dhabi, UAE, Mr. Khan has experienced in IT Dept. especially excellent in communication skills, and goal-focused professional experience in leadership. He is motivated and enthusiastic by adopting a reasonable and scientific approach to achieve success in all projects. He likes to work in complex projects which have scope for learning and new challenges.

Office: Abu Dhabi – Emirates College, E1030
Phone: +971 2 6266010
Email: [email protected]

Research, Conference and Professional Activities:

Certified System Administrator; 2013 Microsoft
Certified System Administrator; 2010 Multan
Certified System Administrator; 2011 Multan