The Mechanical Engineering field encompasses a wide range of activities associated with the design and manufacturing of systems involving the generation, conversion, transmission, and utilization of energy. Therefore, the Mechanical Engineering program aims to provide students with wide spectrum of knowledge in multiple disciplines including systems analysis and design, dynamics, engineering materials, thermos and fluid dynamics, heat transfer, mechanical vibrations, and control. The study of these engineering disciplines is supported by a large number of well-equipped laboratories in fluid mechanics, heat transfer, vibrations, instrumentation and computer aided engineering.

a. Goals

  1. Provide students with the knowledge needed to pursue their major.
  2. Expand student’s understanding of self, environment, and society.
  3. Enable students to build a base of knowledge and skills that are needed for lifelong learning.
  4. Give students the knowledge, skills, and motivations to make an ethical decision based on an understanding of societal values.


MCE general education prepares the student to:

  1. Communicate effectively, in oral, written or listening situations and daily settings in Arabic or English.
  2. Develop technological literacy and use the application of technology to achieve personal and educational goals.
  3. Apply mathematical and statistical concepts to solve quantitative real-life problems.
  4. Understand and apply scientific methods.
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of the basic theories and concepts in social and behavioural sciences; and apply them to personal, social, and developmental issues.
  6. Understand the major ethical concepts and theories in the professional fields.
  7. Adopt effective learning strategies appropriate to the situation.
  8. Demonstrate an understanding of current environmental challenges.
  9. Demonstrate an understanding of the Islamic religion and its relation to culture, civilization, and science.
  10. Use critical thinking and reasoning skills for problem-solving.
Prof. Bilal Amin Shaker AkashProfessor and Dean