In support of ECT’s mission to provide top quality teaching, research, and community services to its stakeholders, the General Education program strives to provide students with the skills to face the challenges of the modern era and to function in an increasingly competitive technological world. The state of the art and competent teaching of general education courses and their inter-disciplinary collaboration will prepare our students for success in their chosen majors, turn them into life-long learners and critical thinkers, and nurture them as effective communicators and citizens of high ethical standards.

  • Provide students with the knowledge needed to pursue their majors.
  • Expand students understanding of self, environment, and society.
  • Enable students to build a base of knowledge and skills that are needed for lifelong learning.
  • Give students the knowledge, skills, and motivations to make an ethical decision based on an understanding of the societal values.

Our English Faculty Team

Mr. Shehab AbbasEnglish Language Lecturer
Mr. Ibrahim Zail A zaraLecturer
Mrs. Najah Ahmad Ibrahim AbuKhadrahEnglish Language Lecturer
Dr. Hend Mohamed Ahmed HamedSenior Instructor
Ms. Mayha Mohammed AliLecturer
Mrs. Sara Mahmoud Elsayed HommaidaAssociate Lecturer
Dr. Feras Hussein Ibrahim ShatatAssistant Professor
Mr. Osman Abdalla Mutasim OsmanAssistant Lecturer
Dr. Djamel BelloutAssistant Professor
Mrs. Sulafa Abdalla Ibrahim FayetAssistant Lecturer
Dr. Mohammad Kamil Al-DuweikatSenior Instructor
Dr. Yosra Ali Hassan HamdanSenior Instructor