department of human resource management

In support of ECT’s mission to provide top quality teaching, research, and community services to its stakeholders, the HRM department strives to provide students with competitive and up-to-date curriculum focusing on optimizing human resource practices such as recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management, compensation and benefits, labor relations and occupational health and safety, which are eminent in producing qualified HR professionals.

  • Develop the students’ decision-making skills, especially to human resources related issues, with regard to legal and ethical standards.
  • Promote students’ awareness of the importance of employee’s professional development at the work place.
  • Help the graduates understand the importance of human resources as a valuable asset in the organization.
  • Help the graduates understand the impact of the organizational strategy on human resource strategic plan.
  • Develop the graduates understanding of the influence of the work environment on the employees’ performance.
  • Enable the graduates to articulate specific expectations for employees’ performance and responsibilities.
Name Rank
Dr. Iyad Alghoul Assistant Professor
Dr. Sarra Rajhi EP Oueslati Assistant Professor
Dr. Ali Ben AlAyifah Haj Khalifa Assistant Professor
Dr. Walid Derbel Assistant Professor
Dr. Nazia Shehzad Assistant Professor