bachelor of business administration concentration in management

The mission of the Management department at ECT is to:  maintain a challenging learning environment that fosters excellence through the courses being delivered which helps in developing business professionals through innovative learning tools; technology, applied learning, research, and collaboration with different organizations in the local business community.

  • Instill within the students the motivation and desire to follow sound moral judgment in personal and professional roles.
  • Strengthen the business judgment of graduates by providing a capability for critical thinking, creative problem solving, and innovative decision-making processes in an organizational setting.
  • Improve students’ abilities to utilize management science techniques in resolving complex business problems.
  • Promote students understanding of the relationships among business functions and their respective roles in the overall management of the firm.
  • Strengthen the students’ abilities and skills to work effectively in teams.
  • Equip students with the knowledge to guide their organization during periods of change.
  • Prepare the graduates to assume leadership positions in organizations, locally and in multicultural organizations.
Dr. Mohamed Mahjoub Dhiaf Dean/Professor
Dr. Ajayeb Salama Salman Abu-Da’abesAssistant Professor
Dr. Anis BachtaAssistant Professor
Dr. Elarbi El KarouiAssistant Professor
Dr. Moataz AmayriAssistant Professor
Mr. Zuhair DalalSenior Lecturer
Dr. Nizar Yousef S. Al-AbedAssistant Professor
Dr. Nadia DahmaniAssistant Professor
Dr. Mohammed Mahmoud Hassan AnanzehAssistant Professor
Dr. Ala’eldin Mohammad AwawdehAssistant Professor
Dr. Mohammad Hani Ahmad R. Zaid Al KilaniAssistant Professor