IELTS is a highly regarded international test of English language proficiency. It is owned in partnership with IDP IELTS Australia, the British Council and the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations. IELTS is recognised by professional bodies, academic institutions, immigration authorities and government agencies alike as a dependable and practical test of English. It is primarily used by people seeking international education, professional development, or by those seeking to satisfy migration requirements and is accepted by thousands of organisations in over 135 countries.

IELTS Courses

Courses Duration Timing
Pre IELTS Course 30 Hours (2 weeks) 05 – 07 pm
IELTS Course 30 Hours (2 weeks) 05 – 08 pm
Intensive IELTS Course 2 Days 05 – 08 pm
IELTS Techniques Courses 30 Hours (2 weeks) 05 – 08 pm

TOEFL Courses

Courses Duration Timing
Pre TOEFL Course 30 Hours (2 weeks) 05 -07 pm
TOEFL Course 30 Hours (2 weeks) 05 – 08 pm
Intensive TOEFL Course 2 Days 05 – 08 pm

General English Courses

Courses Duration Timing
General English (5 Levels) 40 Hours (4 weeks) 05 – 07 pm
Conversation Courses 40 Hours (4 weeks) 05 – 07 pm
Writing Courses 40 Hours (4 weeks) 05 – 07 pm
Translation Courses 40 Hours (4 weeks) 05 – 07 pm

Customized courses based on client request

Are you looking for custom-tailored training solutions? Custom tailored solutions fit business needs better.ECT is dedicated to fulfilling your training needs. We prepare customized training courses to meet the needs and corporate goals of your organization. We can help develop solutions that fit a curriculum that is entirely yours, is focused on your corporate goals and works with your timelines and scheduling requirements. We develop solutions that FIT. That is our speciality. Just send us your enquiry through email to ([email protected]) and we will be at your service. As simple as that!

  • Specialized and up-to-date programs and courses that meet the needs of Administration, leadership, employees and institutions.
  • Highly qualified and experienced local, Arab and international trainers.
  • Fully equipped training rooms and labs.
  • Modern and effective training methods and approaches.
  • Our partnerships and alliance with international training centers and organizations.
  • Our location, which is in the center of the capital Abu Dhabi, in Fatima Bint Mubarak Street (Al Najda Street previously), Al Danah, Baniyas Tower B.

English Language:

(IELTS, TOEFL, General, Skills, CEPA, English Conversation, English for Specific Purposes, and Translation). For more details about our English Courses click here

English Language:

Management and Leadership:

Leader’s skills, planning, change management, performance evaluation, how to create effective working teams, creativity, conflict management, stakeholders’ satisfaction….etc.

English Language:

Human Resources Programs:

“Strategies of performance evaluation”, “wages, salaries and incentives”, “orientation for the new employees”, …..etc.

English Language:

Secretary Programs:

“Documentation”, “electronic archive”, “writing reports”, “the skills of secretaries”, “reducing paper usage in the secretary work”, …etc.

English Language:

Behavioural Skills Programs:

“Effective Communication, “ time management, “leadership effective skills”, “improving creativity and innovation”, “NLP”, “emotional intelligence”, “How to manage the work pressure”.. etc.

English Language:

ICT Programs:

“Network and Maintenance”, “Graphics and Website Design”, “Programming Courses”, Engineering Graphics Courses”,

English Language:

Marketing Programs:

“Strategies of Effective Marketing”, “Electronic Trade and Marketing”…etc.

English Language:

Media and Communication Programs:

“Modern Approaches in the Electronic Communication”, “Innovation in Electronic Communication”, “Television Production Programs”, …..etc.

English Language:

Health and Safety Programs:

“The Safety of Petrochemical Companies”, “The members of Safety Committee”, …etc.rnrnFor more details about our programs, please contact us.

English Language:

Short Courses

The short courses aim at developing participants’ skills, knowledge and professionalism in a specific area.

  • Customized Courses Based on Client Request.
  • CEC works closely with its clients to provide customized training solutions that can be combined from different training tracks and areas to form integrated programs providing participants with specific skills and competencies.
  • Customized training courses are designed for and delivered to our clients specifically. They can be conducted in a place and at times suitable for our clients. Such courses can be conducted at CEC, the client’s premises or at other sites inside the UAE.