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Dr. AbdallaSalih

Position: AssistantProfessor
QUALIFICATION:: PhD (Manchester), MSc (Khartoum), BSc (Khartoum)
LOCATION:: Room W908

Professional Achievements and Awards:

One of my greatest professional achievements in 2018 and 2019 is the publication of research articles in 2Scopus journals: International Journal of Finance & Economics, Wiley Publisher and Data in Brief, Volume 24, June 2019, 103979. Scopus Journal, Elsevier Publisher. I have participated in various seminars and workshops of Profession development and obtained various awards and certificates of appreciation: Certificate of Appreciation from Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research, from Khalifa Award for Education, from the Dean of the College of Business Administration and fromThe Sixth Approach Student scientific Conference of AUST Network, University of Ajman of Science & Technology. As well as Certificate Award permission to practice the profession of a/Certified Accountant and Auditor from the Accountancy and Auditing Profession Organization Council(AAPOC).

I have taught plenty of Accounting and Finance courses for 9 years with 7 years of professional experience and skills in Auditing.

In term of University and community services, I have organized various academic trips relevant to the courses I teach, For example; I took students of Oil and Gas Accounting to take Hughes Incorporation (BHI), BHI is the world’s third-largest oil services company. I took students of Managerial Accounting to Tawazun Industrial Park. I also took Auditing students to Talal Abu GAZAL audit firms for placement which promoted their First hands-on experience.
I worked as an external auditor with independent chartered and certified firms, auditing different commercial and industrial companies: IKEA, examining bank institutions such as Citibank, trade and other non-profitable organizations for example OXFAM.

Selected publications:

1. AbdallaSalih (2019), Panel financial ratios data underlying the performance of Conventional and Islamic Banks operating in GCC. Data in Brief, Volume 24, June 2019, 103979. Scopus Journal, Elsevier Publisher.

2. AbdallaSalih (2018), The Impact of Global Financial Crisis on Conventional and Islamic Banks of The GCC, International Journal of Finance and Economics – Scopus Journal. DOI: 10.1002/ijfe.1713, WILEY Publisher.

3. AbdallaSalih (2014), “The politics of BV: New Labour’s Vision and the Policy Makers” Agenda, International Journal of Business Administration, Vol.5, No.2; 2014, ISSN1923-4007.

4. Mohammed Chaker and AbdallaSalih (2010), “the Impact of the Global Economic Crises on the Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions across UAE”, INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AND ENTERPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT, Vol.5, No.2, 2010 113.