Dr. Abdulazeez Khalaf Khaleel Al jibouri

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Dr. Abdulazeez Khalaf Khaleel Al jibouri

Position: Associate Professor
Qualification: PhD (Media), MSc (Cairo), BSc (Baghdad)

Dr. Al-Jubouri joined Emirates College of Technology in January 2014. He is an assistant professor in Media. He holds a doctorate degree in media with honours from the Institute of Arab Research and Studies in Cairo (2012), and also obtained a master degree in 2008 with honours from the same institute.
Dr. Al-Jubouri worked after the graduating from the Media Department / College of the Arts / University of Baghdad in 1987 as a journalist in a number of Iraqi newspapers, and practised journalism for more than 25 years, working as a journalist and correspondent for a number of international agencies and a news channel before joining the academic work.

He published several papers in peer-reviewed journals and participated in a number of important scientific conferences. He has, in addition, many societal contributions.

Dr. Al-Jubouri lives with his family in Abu Dhabi. He is the father of two boys and three girls.

  • The Third Arabic Language Conference 2014 / Dubai
  • The Fourth Arabic Language Conference 2015 / Dubai
  • Conference on the Role of Sharia, Law and Information at Zarqa University / Jordan, April 2016.
  •  Media Conference on Countering Terrorism / Zarqa University / Faculty of Information, May 2017
  • Social Sciences Conference / Ala Deek University, Kikubad / Alanya / Turkey, April 2018
  • Research published in the Arab Journal of Media Studies in 2019
  • Research published in the Journal of the Gulf University / Bahrain in general 2020