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Dr. Ajayeb Salama Abu Daabes

Position: Assistant Professor (Head of Management Department )
QUALIFICATION: Ph.D (Branding , Amman Arab University), M.B.A. (Marketing, University of Jordan), B.B.A. (University of Jordan)

Dr. Ajayeb is the Head of the management department at Emirates College of Technology, Abu Dhabi. I joined ECT since September 2010 as an assistant professor in the Management Department. I am involved in the three main pillars of the academic competences: (1) teaching, (2) research, and (3) community service.  Regarding the teaching competences, I have been teaching different courses with diversity in scope and levels. This is additional to my participation in updating numerous courses’ content, assessment methods, and other related materials. Also, I am a key person in developing the syllabi for the bachelor’s degree along with participating in the proposed master’s degree study plan, syllabi, and program identification. Finally, I have been involved heavily in the preparation of the international accreditation ACBSP in 2018.

Regarding my research and published work, many refereed journal papers were published in well-known journals along with more than 10 conference publications. Broadly, Dr.Ajayeb is interested in consumer behaviour, Islamic marketing, branding, and content analysis research.

Finally, for the community services, two levels can be determined; (1) internal level which includes the activities within ECT college by managing different administrative tasks, and involved in different committees such as a disciplinary committee, exam committee, equivalency committee, and research committee, and (2) external level of community services that includes conference participation, knowledge management forums, guest speaker invitation, supervising student research competition and graduation projects.

Selected publications:

  • Abu Daabes, A., Anazeh M., Pharmaceutical Brand Naming Framework Based on Decoding Current Drugs Names Techniques. Under reviewing.
  • Mahmoud,W. and Abu Daabes,A.( 2019) , “Does Social Media Affects Users’ well-being”. The International Arab Conference on Information Technology (ACIT’2019). Al- Ain University, UAE, December 3-5, 2019.
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  • Abu Daabes, A. et al, (2019). The Impact of social media on activating direct marketing among business organizations: A case study from UAE. MIRDEC-12th, International Academic Conference Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Studies on Social Sciences. April 02-04 2019, Rome, Italy.
  • Abu Daabes, A., (2018). Cancer Treatment Using Herbals in Arabic Social Media: Content Analysis of YouTube Videos. 1st International Conference on Cancer Care Informatics (CCI 2018). November 19-21, 2018 at Jordan.
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