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Dr. Amor Ben Amor

Position: Assistant Professor (Head Of Department/Public Relations)
Qualification: PhD (Laval University-Canada), MSc (Laval University-Canada), BSc (IPSI-Tunisia)

Dr. Amor Ben Amor joined the Emirates College of Technology in 2015 as Assistant Professor. He is the Head of the Public Relations Department since 2017. He obtained his PhD in communication sciences from Laval University (Canada) in 2007. His research focuses on social uses of technology, cultural studies and reception theories. He taught communication both in Tunisia and Canada. He is member of the reading committee of the “Communication Magazine,” at Laval University from 2012. Dr. Amor supervised many Master’s theses in Communication and Public Relations. He published many papers and participated in several conferences from 2004 to 2019.


  • PhD in Communication, Laval University (Canada), 2007.
  • Master in Public Communication, Laval University (Canada), 2003.
  • Bachelor in Corporate Communication Press and Information Sciences Institute (IPSI), Manouba University (Tunisia), 2000.

Research Areas

  • Social Uses of Information and Communications Technology ( ICT)
  • Reception Theories
  • Cultural Studies
  • Public Relations and Advertising
  • Mass Communication

Teaching Areas

  • Public Relations
  • Strategic communication
  • Advertising
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