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Dr. Bilel Elayeb

Position: Associate Professor (Head of ECT Research Unit)
QUALIFICATION: HDR (Manouba Univ. Tunisia), PhD (INP Toulouse France), MSc (Manouba Univ. Tunisia), Engineering (Manouba Univ. Tunisia)

Dr. Bilel Elayeb is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and the Head of the College Research Unit at the Emirates College of Technology in Abu Dhabi, UAE. He obtained a University Habilitation to Direct Research (HDR Thesis) in Computer Science, in 2018, from the National School of Computer Science (ENSI) at Manouba University in Tunisia, and a PhD Thesis in Computer Science, in 2009, from the National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse (INPT) in France. His research focuses on Mono-, Multi and Cross-Language Information Retrieval (IR), Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD), Analogical IR, Computational Linguistic, Arabic Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Information Reliability. He has been, since 2002, a member of the RIADI research laboratory at the National School of Computer Science (ENSI) at Manouba University in Tunisia, and he was a member of the Informatics Research Institute of Toulouse (IRIT), 2005-2009. Dr. Elayeb has supervised a number of Masters and Ph.D. theses in Artificial Intelligence, IR and NLP. He has published, since 2006 to date, about 50 refereed scientific papers in many reputed international journals and conferences. Dr. Elayeb is a reviewer for many international peer-reviewed journals, and he also acts as a program committee member for several national and international conferences.

Selected publications:

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Ibrahim Bounhas, Bilel Elayeb, Fabrice Evrard, and Yahya Slimani, “Information reliability evaluation: from Arabic storytelling to computer sciences”. In ACM Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage (ACM-JOCCH), ACM Press, vol. 8, No. 3, Article 14, 33 pages, 2015.