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Dr. Mohamed Chakib Kolsi

Position: Assistant Professor (Head of ACC & BAF department)
QUALIFICATION: PhD (Manouba ), MSc (Manouba), BSc (Sfax)

Dr. Mohamed Chakib Kolsi is an assistant professor and the head of the accounting & finance  department at Emirates College of Technology, Abu Dhabi. Dr. Mohamed Chakib Kolsi obtained his PhD degree from the University of Manouba, Tunisia in 2010 and his Masters in 2003. Dr.  Kolsi earns more than 17 years teaching experience with large administrative experience as head of the department. Dr  Kolsi obtained  his  HDR from  the  university  of  Manouba Tunisia in 2013 and has been promoted  to the grade  of associate professor of accounting in  2017 at  the  University  of  Sfax, Tunisia. Dr.  Kolsi  published  numerous  research  papers in  peer-reviewed indexed journals  including  Wiley,  Emerald,  Indersience Publishing.  He supervised much research projects at the bachelor, master and PhD levels. Dr. Kolsi main research interests include: corporate  social  responsibility,  Islamic  finance,  corporate  governance,  auditing, financial reporting  and earnings management.  

Selected publications:

  1. Mohamed Chakib Kolsi & Osama Attayah (2018) “Are Socially Responsible Firms Less Engaged in Earnings Management? Evidence from ADX listed Companies” The International Journal of Business Innovation and Research, Vol. 17 (4), pp.536-560. Ranked SCOPUS (Q2), ABDC(B).


  1. Mohamed Chakib Kolsi & Osama Attayah (2018) “ Environmental Policy Disclosures and Sustainable development: Determinants, measure and impact on firm value for ADX listed companies”, Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, Vol.25 (2), pp. 1-12. Wiley Editions, Ranked SCOPUS (Q1) and Thomson Reuters (Q1), ABDC(A), (Impact Factor 5.32).


  1. Mohamed Chakib Kolsi & Rihab Grassa (2017), “Did Corporate Governance Mechanisms Affect Earnings Management: Further Evidence from GCC Islamic Banks”, The International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management, Vol. 10 (1), pp.2-23, https://doi.org/10.1108/IMEFM-07-2015-0076 Emerald Publishing.

Ranked ABDC (B rank), SCOPUS (Q2), Thomson Reuters.


  1. Mohamed Chakib Kolsi “The Determinants of Corporate Voluntary Disclosure Policy: Evidence from ADX” (2017), The Journal of Accounting in Emerging Economies, Vol.7(2), pp.249-265, https://doi.org/10.1108/JAEE-12-2015-0089, Emerald Publishing, Ranked ABDC (C), PROQUEST, SCOPUS.

5. Mohamed Chakib Kolsi & Osama Attayah, (2017) “How Are Discretionary  Accruals Priced? Evidence from the  Canadian Stock  Market” The International Journal of Managerial and Financial Accounting, Inderscience Publishing, Vol 9, No.3, pp. 283-302. Ranked SCOPUS (Q3), ABDC.