Dr. Sarra Rajhi

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Dr. Sarra Rajhi

Position: Assistant Professor
QUALIFICATION: PhD in Management Sciences, Major HRM

Dr. Sarra Rajhi is PhD holder in Management Sciences, obtained from Tunis Al Manar University (Tunisia), and Angers University (France) in 2010.

In 2011 Dr. Sarra was appointed as Full-time assistant professor “Maitre assistante” at University of Tunis.

Since 2016, Dr Sarra has joined the Emirates College of Technology; Business College as a full-time assistant professor. She has ensured the role of course file assessor for one year.

From 2017 to 2019, Dr Sarra held the position Head of HRM Department. She continued to meet her goals in terms of research output.

In 2020, Dr Sarra joined the Research Committee of the ECT.

Selected publications:

Rajhi S., Derbel, W., Asadullah, M.A., (2019), “Suppressor Effect of Social Media Disorder on the Relationship between Social Media Use and Networking Behavior in the Workplace”, Anzam Conference, Cairns-Australia, 3-5 December 2019.

Asadullah, M.A., Peretti, J.M., Derbel, W., and Rajhi, S., (2018), “Ownership-based Asymmetries in Training Evaluation Practices of Call Centers“.  Industrial and Commercial Training. Ranked Q2 SCImago journals ranking database

Rajhi Oueslati S. (2014), « Quelle Méthodologie pour l’approche Design Science dans le domaine des Systèmes d’Information ? », 19th conference AIM, Aix-En-Provence, France, May 2014.

Rajhi Oueslati S. (2009), ” Démarche d’identification des compétences distinctives et Systèmes d’information  ” 8th Conference, ATSG (Tunisian Association of Management Sciences), Hammamet, March 2009.

Rajhi Oueslati S. (2011), « Une approche de l’appropriation des applications du SIRH : le cas du processus d’identification des compétences distinctives au sein d’une grande entreprise tunisienne », Revue Management et Avenir, N° 45, October 2011.

Rajhi Oueslati S. (2010), Human Resource Information Systems and Core Competence Identification: Intervention-Research with design and implementation of a Management Tool in Paulina Group Holding Company (Tunisia), Doctorate Thesis, Angers – France, July 2010.

Rajhi Oueslati S., Mamlouk Z. et Bidan M. (2010), « SIRH et identification des compétences distinctives : Conception et implémentation d’un outil de gestion”, 15th Conference, Aim (Association Information et Management), La Rochelle – France, May 2010.