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Dr. Mounira BENNECIB

Position: AssistantProfessor
Qualification: Ph.D. in media and Communication, University of Algiers, (Algeria)

Dr. Mounira BENNECIB joined the Emirates College of Technology in 2015 as Assistant Professor. Dr. Mounira’s research focuses on communication and cinematographic dramaturgy. Her articles are published in many communication journals. She participated in international seminars and conferences, presented papers on different topics: intercultural dialogue, education, knowledge, cinema.

She is a trainee in centres and universities such as the University of Sorbonne – Paris III, the University of Cairo and higher Institute of cinema, University of Damascus.

Dr. Mounira taught crisis communication, world cinema history, image culture, the documentary film and dramatic art, production of radio and television programs, picture semiology. Prior to joining ECT, she worked as an associate professor at the University of Algiers, she practiced also functions of professor in higher education within several universities, institutes and schools in Algiers such as University of continuing education, the supreme national school for journalism and media science, higher institute of showing arts and audiovisual, National Preparatory School for Engineer Studies. Dr. Mounira is also a supervisor and an examiner of many Master’s theses in Communication and Public Relations.

Dr. Mounira awarded the « Golden fennec » best scientific research about the subject of the drama on the occasion of the « Algeria Capital of Arab Culture » in 2007.


  • Ph.D. in media and Communication, University of Algiers, (Algeria), 2013.
  • Magister degree in Media and Communication Science, Faculty of Political Sciences and Media, University of Algiers, 2002
  • Bachelor of Journalism and Information, Institute of Information and Communication Science, University of Algiers, 1997

Selected publications: (for a complete list please refer to this link/CV)

  1. The scenario of fiction film in Algerian cinema: a model of three films (1964-1997), descriptive study, Algerian journal for political and media science, refereed periodical, n° 04, Houma edition, Algeria, 2004
  2. Islam and the concept of intercultural dialogue, man and society journal, refereed periodical, n° 02, special number of the international seminar on «Islam and orientalism and dialogue of cultures » on the occasion of the « Tlemcen Capital of Islamic Culture »konouz edition, Algeria-Tlemcen, 2011
  3. Television, education, knowledge: new digital challenges, journalism and communication journal, refereed periodical, n° 01, edition National Establishment for Printed Arts, Algeria, 2014
  4. Theatre drama, volumen° 04, special number of the second international conference for linguistic studies, al-Madinah international university edition, Malaysia, 2016
  5. Communication means: from Technological Determinism to Ideotechnology to Society Dialogue, Arabian journal of media and communication, refereed periodical for research in the fields of media and communication, n° 21, Saudi association for media and communication edition, king Saud University, Saudi Arabia, 2019

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