Dr. Yasir Yousif Aboalgasim

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Dr. Yasir Yousif Aboalgasim

Position: Assistance Lecturer
Qualification: PhD(Um durmanYouniversity), MSc (Um durmanYouniversity), BSc Um durmanYouniversity)
  • Dr. Yasir Yousef is the Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Media and at Emirates College of Technology, Abu Dhabi.
  • 2013-until present-Assistant professor Emirates College of Technology UAE
  • 2009-2013-Dean of the Faculty-Faculty of Information, Omdurman Islamic University-Sudan
  • 2003-2008-Head of Radio and Television Department-Faculty of Information, Omdurman Islamic University-Sudan.


  • head of:- the Faculty of Information senate, Omdurman Islamic University2009-2011
  • Examination committee-Media branch -Emirates College of Technology-2015-2017
  • Council of Scientific Research-Faculty of Information, Omdurman Islamic University-2009-2011
  • Member of: Multimedia department senate-Garden City College for science & technology-2008-2011
  • Curriculum Development Committee -Faculty of Information, Omdurman Islamic University-2007-2011
  • The Information Committee of the summer working -Ministry of Information-2011
  • Media Committee for Technical Education-Ministry of Human Resource Development-2010
  • Press register-Member -Union of- Sudanese Journalists 2006
  • Press Ethics Committee -Sudanese Journalists Union-2009
  • Examination committee -Emirates College of Technology-2013-2020
  • Post graduate studies committee -Emirates College of Technology-2015
  • Curriculum Development Committee-Emirates College of Technology-2016


  • The interactivity in radio and television channels and its role in guiding and measuring the public opinion. 2010    2010
  • The role of media in the promotion of national unity. (published scientific paper)      2010
  • The Effectiveness of specialization in radio and television channels.          2010
  • Evaluation of the press Performance in Sudan 2010. (published    2011
  • The role of interactive technologies in the development of radio performance in Sudan (Applied Study on the Omdurman National broadcasting and sports FM104) (published)        2011
  • Evaluation of the press Performance in Sudan 2011. (published)   2012
  • Employment of radio programs in the consolidation of sustainable development values (published)      2017
  • Ethical Dimensions of Interactive Radio Broadcasting –
  • A Critical Theory Approach.    2018