Dear Valued ECT Students,

We hope that you are doing well, and you have enjoyed the Spring Break, which is going to end on Saturday 21/3/2020.

As of Sunday, 22nd March 2020 ECT will be delivering its courses in the distance learning mode using our Moodle Learning Management System (LMS). Your timetable will remain the same with no changes. You are requested to be ready with headphones and your computer/laptops/IPad or smart phone to remotely attend the online lectures, noting that your course instructor will monitor your attendance during the online class (Student online login and attendance record is mandatory, and will be required by pertinent authorities.)

We are committed to working with you for a smooth and effective start of this distance learning operation, which we consider that the student is the pivot for its success. 

ECT faculty and staff have been working hard and had done the required preparations to ensure the success of the distance learning operation period. We are confident that together we will succeed in providing high standards of teaching and learning during this period.

Please make sure to check your ECT email ( frequently, and at least on daily basis for updates and instructions. Your ECT email is the most important means of communication with the ECT and the LMS distance Learning Operation.

Also, please visit the ECT website which will be updated around the clock.

Please click the following link to know how to attend and use the distance classes:

Wish you a successful e-learning experience!


Professor Abdul Rahim Sabouni

President & CEO