Office of the President Update (OTP-20200325-E1)

Dear ECT Faculty and Teaching Staff (Including Part-Time Instructors):

I am forwarding through this OTP, the below email message which I have received from the ECT Provost earlier this afternoon, for your attention and implementation.

Please be informed that the Provost proposed arrangement for “Teaching from Home” for faculty members next week, is approved from my side contingent to the following conditions:

  1. All Deans and Head of Departments HoD’s shall deliver their scheduled courses from their ECT office. They should be able to monitor and access all delivered courses on a real-time basis and provide top management with the required statistics and the quality of the course delivery for each course.
  2. Based on the outcome of this experience next week, we will evaluate the option of providing faculty members with the choice to deliver some courses, and/or conduct their scheduled office hours from home if needed.
  3. Each faculty is kindly reminded to arrange whatever is required for the smooth course delivery the course from her/his home with the same efficiency and effectiveness that we have witnessed so far from ECT faculty offices (e.g. take digital copies of the course material, presentations, … on a flash of HD to be used from home).

The success of this proposal is an important step for the sustainability of the ECT at this special time.

Best Regards,

Prof. Sabouni