From the first day of the COVID-19’s outbreak announcement as a global pandemic, the world has taken precautions to reduce the possibility of transmission of the virus to all sectors of work and education. Henceforth, the UAE was among the pioneers to abide by these precautionary measures, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for its citizens and residents alike.

Premium digital experience

The Emirates College of Technology was among the fastest institutions of Higher Education in Abu Dhabi to have proven its full readiness to digitize its campus by applying its strategic vision 2017-2022, which includes risk mitigation plans in the case of crises and emergencies by establishing scientific and methodological foundations to continue providing high-quality educational services via its digital platform ‘Distance Learning’, and providing everything that serves its students’ community in order to complete their educational journey seamlessly.

Advanced Digital Education System

At Emirates College of Technology, we have implemented smart technologies that have helped us move in a smooth and systematic manner to adopt an electronic educational system that guarantees our students a great educational experience as well as easy and flexible communication channels with members of the academic and administrative bodies, alike. We also facilitated the procedures for electronic registration and fees’ e-payment. Moreover, all student services and activities have been provided virtually on our digital platforms.