Dear family of Emirates College of Technology

Greetings to you all in this weekly briefing which marks the completion of two months of full successful operation in “distance working & learning”. I pray to the Almighty God that you are all doing well and in good health.

Dear all, our emphasis over the last two week, has been on extracurricular student activities and students happiness and satisfaction, we have organized several useful and interesting activities and events that have added values to their general knowledge along with their educational attainment. Over the past week, the college broadcasted a variety of rich and diverse activities through our digital platforms and social media channels on various topics in sports, poetry, medicine, public health, strategic planning, comparison between educational qualification and competence, and a host other interesting and important topics.

What pleased me was the great interaction by our students, our educational and administrative staff members, and our dear guests from outside the college who attended and interacted with these activities and lectures, most of which were presented by a distinguished group of our students with competence and experience in their respective fields. We were also pleased to host Mrs Amal Al-Musafri – Strategic Planning and Professional Development Consultant, and Dr Abdul Raouf Qaraish – Dietician who gave two distinguished lectures on “Professional Development” and “Health during Fasting” respectively. Also, a very important and interesting lecture was presented by Dr Kashif Jamil from the College of Medical and Health Sciences in the Emirates College of Technology about strengthening the body’s immunity in the time of corona. We will continue with these useful activities and lectures to cover other topics such as our local heritage, quarantine and career counselling, as well as competitions in arts, drawing and general information, and other areas of interest to you. in this regard, I advise everyone to follow our digital channels, our website, and text messages sent by the college to find out what is new.

In addition to all these activities and events, the college responded to the call of the Abu Dhabi-based “Supreme Committee for Human Fraternity” to perform prayers, fasting and supplication for humanity on Thursday, May 14 to ask God The Almighty with one voice to preserve mankind and overcome the pandemic of the novel Corona/Covid-19. My colleagues and I in the academic and administrative bodies in the ECT, unified our supplication to God in our meeting on Thursday, to preserve our beloved country and the whole world, and to remove this plague soon. The college also published an awareness video that praises this initiative and calls on everyone to stand next to each other unified in confronting the common enemy of mankind and unite efforts to get out of this crisis safe, more powerful and ready than before.

On a different note, a “Meet the President” webinar was held with our dear students, which was the second in two weeks. The meeting included a welcome note whereby I thanked the students for their commitment to attending their lectures and the positive interaction on their part with the remote educational process in general, followed by short messages by the academic leadership and student affairs, and concluded by a general open discussion with our students. I also held another meeting with the academic and administrative bodies to discuss new developments and review all plans and efforts that are in process to continue with distance working and learning both efficiently and competently.

Dear all, I have mentioned to you in one of my previous briefings that we were preparing different scenarios related to the first semester of next academic year 2020/2021, and here I am assuring you that we are ready for all possibilities and circumstances that may impose themselves due to the pandemic of the corona. Our accumulated experience in implementing distance learning, and the success it has proven at ECT, make us feel ready and confident to pursue it if circumstances mandate that. We are also ready to present a hybrid model between physical presence and virtual learning “blended learning”. Moreover, we are fully ready for a complete or partial return to campus operation if needed. In summary, we are ready to proceed with whatever scenario to be mandated in accordance with upcoming directives of the Ministry of Education. We are always prepared and have all the plans and tools in place to adapt to all circumstances for the forthcoming semesters. What we continuously seek is to provide high-quality educational services through all channels with the interest of our students at heart to enable them to pursue their educational journey smoothly and successfully.

Finally, I wish our dear students great success in their forthcoming exams in the spring semester and Eid Mubarak to you all.

Stay safe and do not forget the national campaign #DedicationAtWorkSafetyAtHome

Prof. Abdul Rahim Sabouni
President of ECT