Dear family of Emirates College of Technology

Greetings to you all in this briefing which marks the start of our eleventh week of “distance working & learning”. I pray to the Almighty God that you are all doing well and in good health. I also hope that you have spent an enjoyable Eid Al Fitr holiday with your loved one’s abiding by the regulations and guidelines set by official authorities for the general safety and well-being of our community.

Dear all, the second semester of the academic year 2019/2020 has come to an end. It has been a very exciting and exceptional semester in which we had implemented for the most part our distance learning and working strategy. All statistics and performance measurement tools indicate that the distance learning experience through e-learning at ECT is going very well. Our students have managed to submit their final exams for the second semester smoothly and without obstacles. They have expressed through various channels of communication with the college their satisfaction with the process of administering the tests which were administered by our faculty members who have demonstrated outstanding ability and competence throughout the process of distance learning. In addition, our students have been able to present and deliver all their projects and assignments via the college’s digital platform. A platform we have prepared and implemented as a realistic alternative to the traditional educational process on campus.

Dear all, as we fold the second semester’s page with all its unprecedented challenges and successes that we are proud of, here we are excited to begin a new challenge; “summer one and two semesters” feeling more prepared and determined than ever before, armed with accumulated knowledge and experience to take our educational journey to new heights. I cannot think of any better proof than the number of current and new students who have registered at ECT for the summer one semester.

Finally, I wish all our students success in the first summer semester. I also welcome those who have joined us recently and congratulate them for choosing Emirates College of Technology to build their future. Our motto is that we prepare you for future careers.

Stay safe and do not forget the national campaign #DedicationAtWorkSafetyAtHome

Prof. Abdul Rahim Sabouni
President of ECT