Dear family of Emirates College of Technology


At the beginning of this weekly briefing, allow me in my name and on behalf of the Board of Trustees at the Emirates College of Technology and all members of the teaching and administrative bodies to express my most eloquent congratulations to the leadership and the people of UAE, citizens and residents, for the tremendous achievement by the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center in developing successfully a potential therapy for the novel Corona virus (Covid 19). This achievement is once more absolute evidence that the United Arab Emirates places human life, health and general well-being at the top of its priorities.

We are all proud of this great achievement, and we wish our beloved country further progress and prosperity in all fields.

Dear all, here we are at the start of our seventh week of distance ‘learning and working’ feeling great motivation and determination to continue our story of success. All statistics, feedback and bench marking indicate that ECT’s distance learning experience is progressing extremely well. We are building on our success, and plan to match our e-learning competency with all other nonacademic activities, especially student activities and services.

To be able to achieve that, a special team has been formed to boost our Student Satisfaction Services (SSS) to match the great success of our student e-learning capability with a variety of other services, virtual facilities as well as activities. Henceforth, the theme of this week will be ‘Student Happiness Fulfillment’.

Moreover, our student affairs department will be updating our students twice a week, on Monday and Thursday on all student news and activities, which will be reflected on all our platforms, emails, website and social media channels.

Hence, we encourage you all to follow our digital channels for updates and we look forward to welcoming your great ideas and feedback.

In addition to that, there will be a second meet-the-president webinar on Thursday, May 7th which is in line with our strategy of getting our students involved in steering the distance learning experience as a whole. Having said that, the first meeting was a great success and most of our students’ input has been tackled and worked upon to further improve satisfaction rates.

On another note, our arrangements and preparations for Summer 1 & 2 Semesters are now complete and we realize the great enthusiasm and eagerness among our students to take advantage of the record number of courses we are offering this summer. Furthermore, we are considering different scenarios for the Fall Semester 2020/2021 and will update you soon on all of them. We feel confident that both summer 2019/2020 and fall 2020/2021 will prove to be a perpetuation to the great achievement that has been demonstrated during the current spring 2019/2020.

Finally, stay safe and do not forget the national campaign #DedicationAtWorkSafetyAtHome

Prof. Abdul Rahim Sabouni

President of ECT