Dear family of Emirates College of Technology

I would like to express my sincere wishes to you all on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan. May The Almighty accept your fasting and worships, and may He abolish from our beloved nation and the whole world all epidemics and sickness and bestow on us His blessings of health and wellness.

My dear family of ECT, while we witness the greatest of health challenges mankind has known in a century, our beloved country continues to show to the world the most wonderful of examples in giving, sharing and caring for us and humanity. At a time when many countries have closed in on themselves in a general mood saying: “Myself, Myself”, The UAE leadership and people say: “My concern is your concern… What harms you harms me … We are all one”. This is the attitude and spirit the UAE has displayed to the world since its establishment.

In this fifth briefing, I thought I would rather not touch on the numbers and statistics that you have been receiving in my briefs in the past weeks, despite our happiness and pride in them, but instead, I will focus on three main indicators which are most related to students, based on data extracted directly from the Moodle and Zoom LMS over the last month of distance learning.

The first indicator shows that the participation rate of students in attending lectures has exceeded 90% from the total number of students enrolled in the courses. As for the second indicator, it shows that students’ satisfaction rate with their participation in attending the lectures has reached an average of 96% for all lectures provided remotely. The third indicator is that the total number of lectures completed during the first month of distance operation has reached 2127 lectures.

These indicators and their positive impact could not have been achieved, without the excellent participation of our dear students, who are the pivot of the educational process and the reason for its existence and continuity. Also, our thanks go to the great teamwork of academics and administrators. They succeeded not only in making the distance educational process at ECT a viable substitute and a realistic alternative to traditional education, but they have also been very keen on making this process most attractive and efficient to our students.

Furthermore, and following the same essence of continuous development, we have hosted in collaboration with a group of distinguished colleagues (academics and administrators) last Wednesday (April 22nd) a virtual meeting with our dear students (males & females) to listen to their views and suggestions with regards to the distance learning process and capture their feedback. Consequently, we were very pleased to witness a high level of satisfaction among our students with the distance learning experience as a whole, and we listened to and took note of some comments and suggestions for further development and improvement, which will be dealt with and resolved as soon as possible.

The outcomes of this meeting with our students was one of the main topics on the agenda in our general Faculty and Staff weekly meeting held last Thursday (April 23rd), which has been very lively with fruitful discussions. Also, this meeting has witnessed a pleasant gesture by the
Chairman of the Board of Trustees Mr. Wael Al Anqar, who joined the meeting with a welcoming address to the ECT family, congratulating them on the arrival of the month of Ramadan and thanking them for their great efforts throughout the past month. He also conveyed to them his appreciation and continuous support along with memebers of the BOT, wishing the attendees continued success and progress at all levels.

Finally, stay safe and do not forget the national campaign #DedicationAtWorkSafetyAtHome

Prof. Abdul Rahim Sabouni
President of ECT