Dear Family of Emirates College of Technology


Allow me at the beginning of this weekly briefing, which is the fourth in a row, to congratulate you all on the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan. May Allah (swt) bestow his blessings and mercy on you all, our country and wise leadership. I also pray to Him that you and your loved ones are all well and safe.

Dear all, our faculty and administrative staff, as well as our students, are presently in their fifth week of working and studying “remotely”. Despite all challenges, we have upheld together for the past month, our outstanding performance to live up to the trust you have put in us before and after the exceptional circumstances, which have prevailed on us and the world. Rest assured that we will continue with this positive spirit and proficiency in undertaking our sacred mission of delivering our high-quality educational services. The wise vision and firm will of our leadership were for educational institutions to act quickly and warrant the continuation of the educational process at all levels despite circumstances. Their directives and legislations helped institutions overcome all obstacles, and allowed students to pursue their educational journey without interruption, hence realizing their goals and aspirations.

I have embarked last week on the recent ministerial decree (237) issued by the Minister of Education, His Excellency Engineer Hussein Bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi, according to which the interest of our students and the continuation of their educational and cognitive journey are the highest of priorities. The decision recommended taking all possible measures and overcoming all inherent difficulties to ensure the educational process remains seamless and efficacious. Furthermore, it requested for all student services and support to be available electronically. Henceforth, Emirates College of Technology (ECT) has promptly digitized its educational services end-to-end with both efficiency and competence, beneting from its skilled human expertise and modern technology. ECT with all its capabilities has been transformed into a digital institution, thereby providing students with all the distinguished services they are accustomed to via our electronic channels. Having said that, allow me to take you through some of the achievements and milestones of the past 4 weeks.

ECT has offered 278 courses via distance learning technology across all disciplines during the current spring semester (second semester of the academic year 2019/2020). Moreover, while we are continuing with our course-work assessment, now we are fully prepared to conduct the examinations for the current semester through our online platforms, with plans to deal with all challenges that our students might encounter. All are done with full compliance with all standards and policies pertinent to course assessment and examinations. We are also happy to inform you that 148 courses will be offered in the upcoming summer one semester.

On the other hand, we have been working to be fully prepared for the future and to assure our current and new students that we are with them in the summer. In this regard, I am so pleased to announce today that ECT is offering more than 135 courses in the upcoming summer-1 semester starting 07 June 2020 in all disciplines across our 4 faculties: Engineering, Business, Media, and Medical and Health Sciences. We will continue throughout the summer to fulfil the aspirations of our students in saving time and completing their university studies. Therefore, we encourage them to view this current ordeal as a grant and make the best out of it.

Moreover, ECT has digitized most of its student services including; e-payment, e-registration, technical support, academic guidance, and a host of other services which our students need to help them navigate through their educational experience with both convenience and ease.

Dear all, we at ECT are committed to providing educational services in accordance with the highest standards and practices. Armed with a high spirit of our social and professional responsibility, we will stay with you, side by side in these exceptional circumstances and we are very eager to see you again in person very soon.

Stay safe and do not forget the national campaign #DedicationAtWorkSafetyAtHome

Professor Abdul Rahim Sabouni

President & CEO