Dear ECT Family of Students, Staff, Faculties, and BOT

Today, Sunday 12 April 2020, marks the start of our fourth week of distance-learning, and distance-working. I am pleased to share with you key developments over the past week in all areas of work in the college.

What we have achieved together with the spirit of the one team was truly distinctive. Our distant team work has become the real substitute to “social distancing” imposed by the current conditions. This wonderful distance convergence, through digital communication has become part of each of us, and indeed part of
almost every person all over the world. So thank you all for what has been accomplished. Presented in the attached (Week-3-Info-graphics) are some key statistics of our third week of successful distance-operation.

Digital communication through distance-working is the tool that continues to defy Corona, and it becomes it’s only competitor in its fast spread all over the world. As if it challenges Corona in its attempt to dominate the earth, clinging to hope and distant-working until it is being defeated, by human solidarity and determination. Education has become the new engine for the Corona era production. It is the production of thought and the building of minds, through distant-learning in order to be ready to continue all aspects of innovative production for the post-Corona era.

The most remarkable development in the past week, was the issuance of Ministerial Decree No. (237) on Wednesday, 7 April 2020, by His Excellency the Minister of Education, Hussain Bin Ebrahim Alhammadi. It has drawn a clear roadmap to the future of distance-education until the end of the current academic year.

The Decree came with a clear message that the interest of students, and facilitating their distance-education, is a top priority. Just as it is a priority also, maintaining the quality of education, methods of assessment, and strict adherence to all prevailing standards and regulations of higher education in all aspects.

The higher education sector in the United Arab Emirates, has proven to be an example to be followed in times and crisis, just as it had proven to be in times of prosperity.

We at the Emirates College of Technology will continue to carry out our duties, with full professionalism to shoulder our social responsibility imposed by the current exceptional circumstances that the world is going through. We will continue with our full adherence to all bylaws and regulations in providing – along with other higher education institutions in Abu Dhabi – our students the high-standard education they deserve through

Till next week update, stay safe and be part of #DedicationAtWorkSafetyAtHome.
Abdul Rahim Sabouni
Sunday 12 April 2020