Dear ECT Family of Students, Staff, Faculties, and BOT

Today, Sunday 05 April 2020, we start our third week of distance-learning, and distance-working, after we have concluded an exciting two-week period recognized with a very successful outcome for the ECT family across all sectors. Congratulations, and big Thanks to all of you.

It gives us all real pride to be among the Higher Education Institutions in Abu Dhabi who are taking on their shoulders, the novel social responsibility in providing to our dear students a seamless continuity of quality education in the mode of distance-learning, from our homes to their homes. Although it is
challenging, but you may agree with me that it is really exciting. There is a sense of satisfaction and immediate reward every time we conclude a distance-lecture or a meeting, that could be attributed to the fact that we are bridging-the-gap with each other. As if we are compensating for the physical distancing, with fruitful virtual connections from out Home-desks, living-rooms, and Majlis, while being at ease with our “digital-selves” immersed in the national hashtag #DedicationAtWorkSafetyAtHome.

With the recent Ministry of Education announcement that distance learning will stay till the end of the academic year, we have to continue building on our successes in course delivery and distance working, while being prepared for new challenges such as: grading, exams, labs, internships, in addition to
issuing and delivery of official documents and certificates.

We do not have ready solutions for all challenges, but rest assured that we are working hard on them, while keeping our eyes open on what others around us and around the globe are doing. At this special time, all educators around the globe shall be working hard, learning fast, building on each other
experience, and most importantly sharing and caring. We will do our best to work together hand-in-hand distantly in the ECT family to be always among the pioneers each in his/her field.

Finally, let me share with you in the attached (Week-2-Infographics) summarizing some key statistics of our second week of successful distance-operation.
Till my next week update, take care, stay safe and be always optimistic.

Abdul Rahim Sabouni
Sunday 05 April, 2020