Renewal of Accreditation of the Bachelor of Mass Communication

Emirates College of Technology was pleased to host on 6 to 9 October 2019 an External Review Team for the renewal of accreditation of its Bachelor of Mass Communication program. The ERT has comprised of Prof. Hussein Yousry Amin, (Head), American University in Cairo Prof. Ezzat Hijjab (Member), Middle East University, Amman; Prof. Elsayed Bahnaci (Member), Modern University, Cairo; and, Prof. Abdulsalam Ghaith, (Commissioner) Academic Accreditation, UAE Ministry of Education, with the participation of Prof. Yousef Abdul Majeed (Commissioner) in the United Arab Emirates.

The delegation was received by, Prof. Abdul-Rahim Sabouni, (College President), Prof. Ghassan Al-Qaimari (Provost), Dr. Wesam Alanqar (VP for Strategy and Business Development), and Dr. Ali Khalifa (Director of Institutional Research and Quality Assurance).

Prof. Abdul-Rahim Sabouni took this opportunity to give an overview of the College’s current status, aspirations, and strategic directions. Following the President’s presentation, Dr. Mohammed Fyadh, the Dean of the faculty of Media and Public Relations introduces his faculty focusing on the academic programs, students’ enrollment, community services, and the overall strategic directions.

During the visit, the ERT conducted a comprehensive review of the media program under re-accreditation and the institutional documentation. It has also met with staff, faculty, students, and alumni and with the members of the advisory board.

The ERT toured the campus and inspected the library, media laboratories and studios, and other facilities related to this program.

This visit was concluded with a summary of the main findings presented to the ECT executive team by the ERT Chair, Prof. Hussein Yousry Amin. Prof. Abdul-Rahim Sabouni thanked the ERT for their constructive feedback that will improve the quality of the program under re-accreditation.

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