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29 06, 2020

Dr. Sarra Rajhi


Dr. Sarra Rajhi is PhD holder in Management Sciences, obtained from Tunis Al Manar University (Tunisia), and Angers University (France) in 2010. In 2011 Dr. Sarra was appointed as Full-time assistant professor “Maitre assistant” at University of Tunis.

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29 06, 2020

Dr. Mohammad Hani Al Kilani


Dr. Mohammad Hani Al-Kilani is an assistant professor of Organization theory in the department of Human Resource Management at Emirates College of Technology. He earned his PhD in Business Administration from Oxford Brookes University, UK

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29 06, 2020

Dr. Ali Haj Khalifa


Dr. Ali is the Director of Institutional Research and Quality Assurance at Emirates College of Technology, Abu Dhabi. He is a faculty member at the Department of Human Resource Management.

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