29 06, 2020

Prof. Mohamed M. Dhiaf


Prof. Dhiaf is the Dean of Business Faculty at Emirates College of Technology, Abu Dhabi. He is a faculty member at the Department of Industrial Management. He earned his PhD from ENSAM de Paris- France.

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29 06, 2020

Dr. Sara Amar


Sara is a Doctor-Researcher. She works at Emirates College of Technology as an Assistant Professor, a member of the Industrial Management Department. Sara has graduated from Ibn Tofail University (Mathematics Department).

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29 06, 2020

Dr. Walid Derbel


Dr. Walid Derbel is an Assistant Professor in Human Resources Management science at the Emirates College of Technology in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Dr. Walid Derbel obtained a PhD in Management Science, oriented to Human Resource Management sciences in 2014, from the IHEC-Carthage in Tunisia (Institute of High Commercial’s Studies).

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