Dear ECT Family of Students, Staff, Faculties, and Board of Trustees

Trust this message finds you all happy and well

I would like to start this message by greeting our dear students. You are the focus of the whole educational process and the reason for its existence and continuity. The great success we have witnessed in moving to distant learning over the past weeks in the Emirates College of Technology (ECT) would not have been achieved without you. Your active participation and full commitment to attend the lectures on time, your positive interaction with your professors with full enthusiasm, your great since of responsibility, high aspiration and great optimism for a bright future, at a time when the optimism is most needed, have been the real driving force of our success. So, a big thank you for the success we have all achieved.

On this occasion, allow me to further elaborate on the impressive success that we achieved through our digital educational platform, which we have successfully prepared to be a realistic and practical alternative in crisis and emergency situations. This success would not have been possible without your commitment, cooperation and continued support, each in their respective field. It is incredible to see the outpouring of your compassion, the tremendous dedication of the time and effort you have put throughout the last weeks to make it a successful and fruitful experience.

I would like also to thank my dear colleagues, ECT faculty and staff, for their great efforts and dedication in recent weeks to transfer the entire educational process through our digital platform with full competence. You have demonstrated through hard work around the clock that the spatial distance that has imposed itself on everyone in our world, has brought with it a professional and human rapprochement, filled with a spirit of challenge, and full of positive energy that overwhelmed the long hours that we were meeting through distance communication on Zoom, each from his home-office in order to practice and test work-from-home technologies. We have proven to be ready to assume our noble human social responsibility to proceed with distance education with the same efficiency and quality of traditional teaching.

I must extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to the Office of The President (OTP) team, which was formed to act as the crisis task force, immediately after the first announcement of the crisis by official authorities. The dedication of the OTP team in managing various work teams in the ECT, each in its field is highly praised. Special thanks to the Information Technology, and the Educational Technology teams for their readiness to prepare computer equipment, and for handling the software development, customization and new settings, to be ready for the use of all faculty and staff on a timely basis.

I must also extend my sincere thanks and appreciation for the encouragement and unlimited support we have received for the ECT esteemed embers of Board of Trustees, who have spared no effort to follow-up on the rapid events, and to provide their insight and effective strategic direction whenever needed.
I will not give here the detailed statistics regarding the preparations and achievements over the past weeks. I will just refer to the summary of the accomplishments that took place during the first week of teaching and the actual work (not the preparatory work) done through distance operation of our “Digital Campus” presented in the attached infographic.

Finally, I would like to end this message by addressing you, our dear ECT students. I am confident that you will continue supporting your College during this digital transformation phase, and to attend your distance learning lectures regularly and consistently. Always keep an eye on your ECT email and ECT website for all urgent and important updates.

Together, we will successfully overcome the challenges of the virtual digital campus and will emerge stronger and fitter.


Best regards.

Professor Abdul Rahim Sabouni