The mission of the department is to provide students with knowledge of fundamentals principles and theories of Finance and Banking and equip them with the most up-to-date financial applications. It aims to teach students how to utilize their theoretical knowledge and apply it successfully and ethically in both business and public finance and banking organizations.

  • Strengthen the students’ practical knowledge of finance, banking, and the financial services industry to prepare them for professional business challenges.
  • Provide students with financial tools for problem-solving and decision making that can be applied in a variety of business situations.
  • Strengthen students’ ability to conduct research on, collect and analyze relevant economic and financial data.
  • Enable students to develop the necessary skills to work effectively with others in a diverse team environment to make optimal financial decisions.
  • Enhance students’ awareness of societal values, integrity at work and professional excellence.
  • Prepare students to evolve in a cross-functional, team-based work environment.
  • Instill within students the knowledge of the core fundamental principles and theories of finance and banking.
Dr. Myriam AloulouAssistant Professor
Dr. Elias Abu Al-HaijaAssistant Professor
Dr. Anas Ali AlQudahAssistant Professor
Dr. Imen GharbiAssistant Professor
Dr. Mohamed Chakib KolsiAssistant professor, Accounting program coordinator
Dr. Asma Houcine MasroukiAssistant Professor