The Accounting Department aims at providing students with both the conceptual and technical skills needed by the potential employers of accounting graduates. Students study financial, managerial and cost accounting as well as business, economics, statistics and a variety of other skills necessary to work in the business today.

  • Enhance students’ awareness of societal values, integrity at work and professional excellence.
  • Prepare students to involve in a cross-functional team within a work-based environment.
  • Offer students a high quality, innovative and market needed skills/competencies based on the 2-year Diploma Program in Accounting at affordable costs.
  • Provide the ECT students with the outcomes and skill-based education in the discipline of Accounting (ACC); deploy an effective mix of the best practice instructional methodologies and strategies, and prepare students for successful careers in the Accounting Profession.
  • Provide potential employers with competent graduates who have professional ethics in the field of Accounting at entry-level.
  • Prepare students for pursuing further studies at other senior colleges and universities within the UAE and abroad.
  • Demonstrate to the students how graduated students of ECT Accounting Programs relate to the world of accounting practice.
  • Develop and maintain close relationships between ECT graduates and accounting professionals.
  • Prepare and encourage students of the ECT Accounting Programs to become active members of the professional accounting community within the UAE and the region.
Name Rank
Dr. Mohamed Chakib Kolsi Assistant professor, Accounting program coordinator
Dr. Osama Fayez Qasem Atayah Assistant Professor
Dr. Asma Houcine Masrouki Assistant Professor