The Department of Information Technology offers a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) Major (Business Information Technology) BIT and Double Major Diploma in Business administration and Computer Information Systems.  The department provides students with a sound foundation in information technology (IT) principles and practices. The emphasis is on applications of information technology rather than the computer itself. Students earning a BBA major in BIT understand web and application development in the context of the business environment. Graduates have capabilities in systems analysis and design, database management, and IT project management. The program of study includes general business courses, and business topics are integrated into many Information System courses. The BBA Major BIT provides students with flexible elective options. Elective courses focus on cutting-edge IT topics such as advanced web development.

  • Provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to assume a leadership role in the advancement of the IT business management profession.
  • Promote within the students the appreciation of the concept of life‐long learning that helps them keep informed of new concepts and developments in the techniques and tools of IT in Business.
  • Help students acquire the theoretical knowledge, applicable skills, and the attitude necessary to use business-related technology under appropriate circumstances.
  • Instill within students the desire and appreciation of working with diverse groups of colleagues to identify business problems and then develop unified productive solutions.
Dr. Walaa Saber Ismail MahmoudAssistant Professor
Dr. Bilel ElayebAssistant Professor
Dr. Myriam Bounhas ElayebAssistant Professor
Dr. Ziad SarairehAssistant Professor
Ms. Asal Abu AlhaijaSenior Lecturer
Mr. Nabil MorriSenior Lecturer
Mr. Shady HammoudaLecturer
Mr. Raed SughayyarLecturer