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Banking and Finance Department

Banking and Finance Department

The mission of the department is to provide students with knowledge of fundamentals principles and theories of Finance and Banking and equip them with the most up-to-date financial applications. It aims to teach students how to utilize their theoretical knowledge and apply it successfully and ethically in both business and public financial and banking organizations.

  • Strengthen the students’ practical knowledge of finance, banking and the financial services industry to prepare them for professional business challenges.
  • Provide students with the financial tools for problem solving and decision making that can be applied in a variety of business situations.
  • Strengthen students’ ability to conduct research on, collect and analyze relevant economic and financial data.
  • Enable students to develop necessary skills to work effectively with others in a diverse team environment to make optimal financial decisions.
  • Enhance students’ awareness of societal values, integrity at work and professional excellence.
  • Prepare students to evolve in a cross-functional, team-based work environment.
  • Instill within students the knowledge of the core fundamental principles and theories of finance and banking.
Name Rank
Dr. Myriam Aloulou Assistant Professor
Dr. Elias Abu Al-Haija Assistant Professor
Dr. Mohammad Omar Al Omari Assistant Professor
Dr. Amal Adnan Rushdie Yousef Assistant Professor
Dr. Habib Ouni Assistant Professor
Dr. Anas Ali AlQudah Assistant Professor

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