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Dr. Sabah Al-Mahmoudi Lectures in Sharjah

Dr. Sabah Al-Mahmoudi Lectures in Sharjah

01 May 2016

Dr. Sabah Al-Mahmoudi, Assistant Professor in the Media and Public Relations Department at ECT, participated through her lecture in the workshop organized by Tariam and Abdullah Emran Media Training and Development Center at Dar Al Khaleej Printing & Publishing. Her lecture was titled “Selection and Employment of News Photos”.

The workshop discussed two major aspects: the theoretical and the practical. Moreover, it aimed at providing trainees with special skills in comprehending press photos’ connotations; ability to compare between the limited and inclusive photo text; controlling writing photo captions; role of photos placed on the first page as well as cautions on photo usage and how to disintegrate compound photos.

Concluding the workshop, certificates were given to the participants, who come from various media institutions, in addition to a number of media colleges and departments’ graduates.

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