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ECT Celebrates International Labor Day

ECT Celebrates International Labor Day

02 May 2016

Student Affairs at ECT, and in cooperation with the Marketing Department, celebrated the International Labor Day on the first of May, in an attempt to appreciate and assure the laborers’ central roles in economic and social developments in all sectors.

Our religion has always been enhancing the value of work to be almost equal to worship; therefore, whatever work people do gives them the value as humans, and is reflective on their community and country. For this reason, laborers have to be appreciated and encouraged towards much more effort and good work for the benefit of developing and improving the country.

Concluding this international day, Mr. Mohannad Al Shayeb, Head of Student Affairs and Registration, and Mr. Mohammad Atiya, Head of Student Affairs, both thanked all the workers who participated in the event, attended by Prof Bruce Taylor ECT President, and Dr. Mohammad Sammouda Vice President for Academic Affairs.

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